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Borderline Insanity: Crisis confronts immigration fallacies (6/26/18)

Abridge Suspension: USA-haters have special status (11/13/17)

Still Unforgiven, 25 Years Later (8/15/17)

Scientific Con Senseless: If marchers said what they really think (5/1/17)

Damning Dad: Father's Day Pledge is appalling (6/15/16)

Mister Rogers: American icon or hate criminal? (4/30/16)

Going "Concern": UCS is a corruption of science (11/30/15)

Compassion Play: Pope Francis vs. Boris Yeltsin (10/11/15)

Ten Fold: Loopy Lew dumps founder for feminism (6/29/15)

Balloon-ey!: Vatican takes wrong lesson from dove attack (1/31/15)

Personhood-winked: "Animal rights" are anti-human (1/19/15)

Reprieve Of Destruction: Global warming can't just "pause" (10/13/14)

Freedom From Truth: FFRF is beyond all reason (9/19/14)

The Stepford Voters: Dems see women as devices (1/30/14)

The Devil's Due: Satanic monument is inevitable (1/16/14)

Amnesty Family Values: More Saul stories from the Left (8/31/13)

Liberal Little Caesars: To the Left, the law is optional (7/17/13)

Truth To VAWA: Libs wink at violence against women (3/14/13)

Two-Bibles Barack: O's inaugural oath overkill (1/31/13)

Sandra Fluke's America: War on women, by whom? (9/16/12)

An Open Letter to Bottom Dollar Foods (6/14/12)

Neither Honest Nor Injun: Another liberal living a lie (5/30/12)

The Second Man: Libs reveal their anti-truth bias (10/30/11)

Orator Overrated: Ranking Obama's worst speeches (9/30/11)

Mattel's Mistake: There's no getting along with liberals (6/13/11)

Petulance: Animal ethicists are just more liberal killjoys (5/16/11)

Inexact Science: Liberals' words reveal their ignorance (3/28/11)

Wussy, Heal Thyself: Rendell's rant misses the point (1/8/11)

The Fatwa Earth Society: Keeping the greenies in line (11/1/10)

Compact Trash: Nix the National Popular Vote (8/4/10)

Weighing Anger: Obama's contrived combustibility (6/13/10)

Freeload Riders: EU calls vacations a human right (4/29/10)

Red Kennedys: Honoring Commies in JFK's name (1/6/10)

A Little Bit Country: The Dems diminish patriotism (10/25/09)

G20-Baggers: The Left's lower standard of conduct (10/5/09)

The Trans-Former VP: What's behind Gore #2? (2/10/09)

Polar Opposites: Bears now more equal than people (5/31/08)

Damn You, Sam I Am: Our bellies, our choice (1/31/08)

The Ferrous Doctrine: Just one kook, that's all it took (12/14/07)

The Wee Stooges: Libs use children as dupes (6/30/07)

A Cetacean Citation: Two perps and a porpoise (6/15/07)

Guys Vs. Gaia: Enviros want to extinguish manhood (3/14/07)

Civil Serpents: Beware snakes bearing "liberties" (2/15/07)

We Just Don't Get It: The elusive humor of treason (11/20/06)

California Quagmire: or How to create more squirrels (10/27/06)

Plame N' Liberals: Why fake victims are the best kind (9/28/06)

Chimps And Salsa: Spain joins the anti-human movement (7/23/06)

Tree-Dumb Reigns: Eco-arrogance on exhibit (6/12/06)

Eighty-Sixing 1836: Why isn't "Houston" offensive too? (3/15/06)

That's All Hoax: Dems are singing looney tunes (1/13/06)

Nit-Pigging: Brits go hog-wild with sensitivity (11/21/05)

Definiphobia: liberals fear the meaning of patriotism (7/4/05)

Era Superiority?: Secularists sneer at B.C. & A.D. (6/11/05)

Like, Whatever: Libs specialize in specious comparisons (2/23/05)

Le Pig And Le Pen: Why Michael Moore doesn't live in France (1/22/05)

Stop Accelerated Density, Now! (1/12/05)

Blue Away: Dems plan post-election exodus (11/29/04)

Marring Marriage: Can what Edwards says be right? (10/20/04)  

Penned In: Suddenly, redistricting is unfair (1/13/04)

The Anti-Claus: Molly Ivins wants to raid your stockings (12/23/03)

Franken's Fraud: Is the Left this desperate for a hero? (8/31/03)

Saddam's Stooges: Human shields know they're siding with evil (2/18/03)

The Silly Party: Dems have nothing serious to say (10/15/02)

A Paper Tiger Trap: NCWO feminists need a villain (8/31/02)

America's Enemies' List: 70 names you need to remember (6/29/02)

Fraction Man: Jimmy Carter cuts himself down to size (5/19/02)

A Species Of One?: The anti-human politics of endangerment (11/18/01)

Howard Hughes Would Be Proud: Arsenic scare is sheer madness (4/24/01)

Eminem Is From Mars: ... and so are the people who love him (3/6/01)

Plum Loco: FDA holds veto power over reality (2/17/01)

Human Weeds and Witches: Abortion advocates in their own little worlds (1/17/01)

What's In A Team Name?: Revolution, if you're a college liberal (12/26/00)

A Sad Condimentary: Hold the pickles ... as exhibit A (10/17/00)

Bum Worship: How liberals politicize religion (12/18/99)

Outcomes-Based Hockey: Has the NHL gone sensitive? (10/17/99)



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