Posted on May 5, 2024



Cold, Old Joe

Age can't explain Biden's callousness


Daniel Clark



And now, for someone completely indifferent ...

Ten days after pro-Hamas rallies first broke out on American college campuses, and under mounting criticism for his inaction on the matter, the President of the United States finally spoke. Even in light of the low expectations, his remarks were disappointing. Okay, so he did point out that the destruction of property is not constitutionally protected free speech. He also called out anti-Semitism, even if only to condemn "Islamophobia" in the same breath, as if the two were equally valid concerns at the moment.

Never did he refer to the motivation of the people who are committing the acts of destruction. He didn't even mention Hamas, or revisit its atrocities of last October. Nor did he remind everybody that the Palestinian terror group continues to hold almost a hundred hostages, eight of whom are Americans. At no point did he instruct or even encourage the universities to react to the situation more forcefully. He said nothing about the obvious coordination among the various demonstrations across the country, or express concern about possible foreign involvement.

It may be tempting to attribute Joe Biden's muted reaction to his age, and to assume that he simply lacks the energy and mental competence to show his genuine concern. The problem with that excuse is that he is still capable of being enthusiastic, and even fiery, when it comes to a favorite topic of his: ice cream, for instance, or transgenderism, or his belief in a right to kill unwanted children. These are the things that animate him. He may not be able to muster any righteous anger toward lawbreaking terrorist sympathizers, but he'll rail almost endlessly against "MAGA Republicans," by which he means all of the 47 percent of the electorate that voted for his opponent last time around.

Biden hasn't expressed anything close to that kind of outrage against the Iranian-backed terrorists who have been taking potshots at American assets in the Middle East. Not only have his responses been weak, but he has treated these enemy forces as if they were acting independently, rather than recognize Iran as the true culprit.

This lack of concern for Americans in harm's way has been evident at least as far back as Biden's reckless withdrawal from Afghanistan, which needlessly got thirteen of our servicemembers killed, and abandoned an estimated 9,000 Americans in a country that had just been handed over to a murderous band of terrorist-harboring totalitarians. Far from expressing regret for these events, the president declared them to be "an extraordinary success."

It's not as if he only seems clueless when it comes to foreign policy, either. As inflation began surging in the summer of 2021, Biden dismissed the increase as temporary, only to have it continue to skyrocket over the following year, reaching a rate of 9.1 percent in June of 2022. Now, he brags that the inflation rate has dropped off, even though it is still historically above average. But it's not as if prices are coming down now. It's just that the rate of last year's increase was not as devastating as the year before. The annual rate for 2023 was a 4.1 percent increase from 2022, which was an 8.0 percent increase from 2021, which was a 4.7 percent increase from before Biden was president. Cumulatively, that means an item that cost $100.00 when he took office is now $117.72.

Biden and his party dealt with this problem by enacting the deliberately mislabeled Inflation Reduction Act, which in reality is little more than a gigantic sop to "green energy" scam artists. A year after its passage, the White House issued a "fact sheet" about the impact of this legislation, which made no attempt to argue that it was reducing inflation, or even that this was its intent. It did boast, however, that it had been the "largest climate investment in history." By using inflation as a pretext for this $783 billion taxpayer giveaway, the Democrats recognized the economic hardship being felt by the American people, but instead of trying to assuage it, they employed it as a means of advancing the snob agenda.

Perhaps the most vivid illustration of Biden's attitude toward his fellow Americans has been his immigration policy. Upon taking office, he issued a slew of executive orders to facilitate the overrunning of our Southern border. Among the problems this has exacerbated are the exposure of our country to foreign terrorists, the mass poisoning of Americans with fentanyl, the serial violation of the property rights of landowners near the border, the strain this stampede of illegals has put on social services and the resulting burden on the taxpayers.

When he finally responded to public concerns about theses matters, he did so dismissively, by appointing Vice President Kamala Harris to be the "border czar." Sounding like a liberal criminologist, he tasked her to determine the "root causes" of illegal immigration, primarily through diplomacy with nations in Central America. This March, she unveiled the results of the administration's efforts in Guatemala. They included the creation of a Central American version of Americorps, a promise to improve Guatemalan math and reading skills (as if our federal government had proven itself competent in this area), an ill-defined program called "Indigenous and Civil Society Engagement," and, for some reason or other, "biodiversity conservation." Much like the Inflation Reduction Act, Biden's border policy uses a legitimate crisis as cover for the usual Democrat elitist pursuits of eco-twaddle and DEI mindbarf.

In 2020, Biden made "empathy" the buzzword of his presidential campaign, but that hasty makeover would not have fooled anybody who had seen the before picture. In reality, he has made a half-century career out of being one of the most ambitious and cantankerous characters in Washington. He's not merely inattentive to the concerns of the American people; he consciously rejects them. Far from appearing oblivious, Biden flaunts his disdain for the plight of the people he's supposed to serve. The shortcomings of his presidency are not the result of his being old and confused, any more than they are attributable to a childhood stuttering problem. He has simply chosen not to give a damn.



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