Posted on April 17, 2019



What Can He Say?

PC police place a gag on Beto O’Rourke


Daniel Clark



If, for whatever reason, you were thinking of voting for Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke for president, you can stop now.  That’s because the three-term Democrat former congressman has been virtually prohibited from campaigning, by the onerous speech codes that people of his political philosophy have imposed on our society.

Beto’s problem, in a nutshell, is that his Hispanic-sounding nickname is misleading, and that, being a straight white male, he doesn’t fill any of the checkboxes that suffice for presidential qualifications as far as today’s Democrats are concerned.  Therefore, he must not become his party’s nominee.  So, how do liberals shut down his candidacy, since there is apparently no video of him nuzzling women in extremely awkward situations, as there is with Joe Biden?  Easy.  The liberal speech police, who can manage to find any words offensive, have begun objecting to practically anything he says.

His first offense was from a line he had been using in his stump speeches, praising his wife for raising their children, “sometimes with my help.”  He probably thought when he said this that he was being totally politically correct, in that he was portraying the typical liberal presentation of the nuclear family, in which the mother is completely in charge, while the clueless dad has trouble locating his own posterior with both hands.  But no, he had committed the offense of stereotyping gender roles by depicting his wife as doing most of the child-rearing, and thus was compelled by the liberal code to apologize, which he dutifully did.

“Not only will I not say that again,” he sniveled, “but I’ll be more thoughtful going forward in the way that I talk about our marriage, and also the way in which I acknowledge the truth of the criticism that I have enjoyed white privilege.”  You heard that right.  He confessed to having somehow wronged society by being white.

That made the next liberal attack against him all that much easier.  Beto remarked about the presidential race that he was “born to be in it” – a completely innocuous remark to any reasonable person, but not to liberal grievance-mongers.  As far as they were concerned, this was an expression of entitlement, that becoming president was his birthright as a white man.  Again, he apologized

This turnabout must come as a bit of a shock to the young politician.  During his race against Ted Cruz last fall, O’Rourke was the most popular figure in his party, basking in adulation, as well as a wildly disproportionate amount of financial and other support from his party and its media sycophants.  As far as liberals were concerned, he could say no wrong.  He appeared to be the next Chosen One, whose bilingual tongue spun every word out of his mouth into gold.  Now that his opposition, rather than being a very conservative Republican senator, is instead a field of more demographically gifted socialist Democrats, every utterance has become an outrage.

It’s hard enough for a Republican to withstand frivolous accusations of bigotry, but a liberal like O’Rourke is not even left with the option of exhibiting Trumpian defiance.  He has already conceded that liberal accusations of racism and sexism are always valid, and the liberals who want him out of the race are capable of finding everything racist and sexist, including algebra, the infield fly rule, and the migratory pattern of the Canadian snow goose.  Heck, he’s already begging their forgiveness just for expressing his belief in his own candidacy.

There’s hardly anywhere O’Rourke can go from here.  He can’t appoint a campaign “chief-of-staff” without being racist.  He can’t use the phrase “my fellow Americans” without being sexist.  He can’t even refer to a “stump speech,” because that would be offensive to the differently-abled.  And if you think that’s a sick joke, you’re wrong, because it’s not a joke at all.  Just you wait.

So how, exactly, is he supposed to mount a campaign against the other presumptive candidates in the 2020 Democrat primary?  If he favorably compares himself to Cory Booker, he’s a racist.  If he does the same to Kirsten Gillibrand, he’s a sexist.  Kamala Harris?  He’s both racist and sexist.  Pete Buttigieg?  He’s bigoted against the LGBTQIA-other Q-plus sign-ampersand-schwa, and several-other-things “community.”  Elizabeth Warren?  He’s bigoted against trans-racial people.  Bernie Sanders?  He’s an age-discriminating Commuphobe.

No matter how you slice it, Beto O’Rourke cannot even seriously campaign for the Democrat presidential nomination, let alone win it.  So why does he even try?  Can it be that he’s scoring liberal diversity points by being delusional?



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