Posted on October 30, 2020




What those "We Believe" yard signs really mean


Daniel Clark



One of the many fundamental hypocrisies of liberalism is that its adherents firmly believe that everyone else is morally inferior to themselves, while at the same time seeking political victory by cynically exploiting the innocence and trust of most of those same people.

If liberals were honest about who they are and what they believe, they would seldom if ever get their way. The secret of their success is their understanding that most people will take their words at face value, when in truth, their words and their beliefs have so little in common that you practically need to consult a liberal-to-English dictionary to understand them. They rarely speak plainly about their intentions, except when they think they're speaking only among themselves.

Take, for example, these yard signs liberals are using to declare their belief in their own superiority. Under the heading "We believe," these signs list variations of the following: "Black lives matter; No human is illegal; Love is love; Women's rights are human rights; Science is real; Water is life; Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." Taken literally, there's so little on this list to quibble with, one might wonder why someone would bother making such a declaration. When we take the bullet points one at a time, however, we see that not one of them accurately reflects their liberal beliefs.

"Black lives matter" -- If anybody needs to be convinced of this, it's the people displaying these signs. Black lives are disproportionately lost to violent crime, and also to abortion, but liberals side with the opposition in both cases. When they say "black lives matter," they don't mean what those words actually say, they're merely endorsing the socialist organization by that name, which coined the phrase.

"No human is illegal" -- This is a typical anti-logical defense of illegal immigration. Illegal aliens are not illegally people, they are illegally in this country. Holding them accountable for this would not be treating them as if they were subhuman. Calling someone an illegal alien is no more dehumanizing than penalizing a football player for being an illegal man downfield. Someone who takes offense to the recognition of people being in our country illegally simply opposes the existence and enforcement of immigration laws in general.

"Love is love" -- the concept of marriage is based on the understanding that a man and a woman have different, complementary traits, such that each needs the other in order to be made whole. The "love is love" position is that this isn't the case, and that differences between the sexes need not be integral to the definition of marriage. The courts have already endorsed this point of view, so what other redefinitions are liberals seeking? Are love among more than two people, love with a member of one's own family, and love with a minor not examples of love also? "Love is love" leaves no room to argue that they're not.

"Women's rights are human rights" -- "Women's rights" is one of the countless euphemisms liberals use for abortion. It means absolutely nothing else. Because women's rights really are human rights, they are the same rights that are enumerated in the Constitution, but liberals don't believe in those. The people displaying those signs aren't defending a woman's right to keep and bear arms, or a woman's right to free expression of religion. They just want it to remain legal to croak babies.

"Science is real" -- That's pretty funny, coming from people who don't believe in chromosomes. Not only don't liberals believe science is real, they don't even believe in reality. They reject the concept of objective truth in favor of competing narratives. When somebody asserts "my truth," that means what he's saying is not factually supported, but you'd better accept it anyway, or else you're inevitably some kind of a bigot or other. When liberals invoke science, they are most often referring to "climate change," which is an all-purpose excuse to dictate every facet of our lives. As Barack Obama once said, "We can't drive our SUVs and eat as much as we want and keep our homes on 72 degrees ... and then just expect that other countries are going to say OK." Do you think your eating habits, your choice of vehicle and your thermostat setting are any of other countries' business? Your neighbor with the "we believe" sign does.

"Water is life" -- Strictly speaking, that's not very scientific, because water is inanimate. It's obviously meant idiomatically, however, just as someone might say "time is money." Fair enough, but why is it an important statement to make? If you look up the organization that calls itself "Water Is Life," you'll see that it was created in protest of the Keystone Pipeline on the basis that it threatens the water supply, which it does not. This is not about water, it's about oil. By extension, it's about ending our energy independence, and reducing America's power in relation to the rest of the world.

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere" -- In reality, liberals hate justice. What they call "social justice" is really just a means of lending a facade of moral authority to their own policy preferences. Real justice is about upholding individual rights, in which liberals do not believe. Most of the injustice in the world is inflicted by the kinds of totalitarian governments they love. People who wear Che Guevara tee-shirts do not value justice. In fact, they recognize it as a mortal enemy of their belief system.

So, when your neighbors put out one of these yard signs with these saccharine slogans, what they're really declaring is that they are socialists who oppose immigration laws, want to completely dissolve the institution of marriage and by extension the family unit (a stated objective of Black Lives Matter, by the way), advocate the dismemberment and killing of unborn children, presume a right to overrule all of your decisions about your own life, and make Americans dependent on our enemies for the energy we need to survive. Not really so nice, actually.



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