A comic strip by Daniel Clark


Politimals, a comic strip by Daniel Clark


Page 1: "Gravitas; Gaming; The Sweater"

Page 2: "Catville's Intro; Barkley's Intro; Centrists"

Page 3: "Image Consultant"

Page 4: "Filibuster; Dr. Mulch, part 1"

Page 5: "Dr. Mulch, part 2"

Page 6: "Dr. Mulch, part 3"

Page 7: "Press Conference"

Page 8: "The Anarchists Are Coming, part 1"

Page 9: "The Anarchists Are Coming, part 2"

Page 10: "Independent Candidate"

Page 11: "Bipartisanship"

Page 12: "The Reformers"

Page 13: "Radio Wars, part 1"

Page 14: "Radio Wars, part 2"

Page 15: "The Distinguished Poodle"

Page 16: "Joe Six Pack; Fundraising Dinner; Nucular"

Page 17: "Nuance; Pedigree; Frozen Fish Sticks"

Page 18: "Issues, Issues"

* Letters related to Politimals will not be posted in The Shinbone, but if you have any comments, or if you happen to be a publisher who is willing to actually pay me for this stuff, you can send an e-mail through the link below.



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