Posted on September 16, 2012



Sandra Fluke’s America

War on women, by whom?


Daniel Clark



At the three-day abortion festival also known as the Democratic National Convention, that party’s celebrity victim du jour, Sandra Fluke, echoed the famous “Robert Bork’s America” speech that was once given by that founding member of Neanderthals For Choice, Ted Kennedy.

Fluke’s vision of a Republican-led American future was briefly stated, but nevertheless riddled with lies (“an America in which access to birth control is controlled by people who will never use it”), bigger lies (“in which politicians redefine rape so survivors are victimized all over again”), and dog-whistle code language (“in which someone decides which domestic violence victims deserve ‘help’” [i.e., abortion]).  Well, if you find Fluke’s forecast alarming, just imagine what things will be like if she and her party prevail instead.

In Sandra Fluke’s America, women’s political opinions will be assigned to them by the news media and pop culture.  A politician will be said to have a “good record on women’s issues” if he is pro-abortion, despite the fact that not even a plurality of women share that view.  Tiny bands of shrill, logically-impaired activists will be called “women’s groups,” as if they represent 51 percent of the population, when in reality they might not even have 51 members.

Fluke’s friends will enable the serial abuse of women by politicians who support their cause.  In defense of the Chief Neanderthal, “women’s groups” will invent a “one free grope” rule, which entitles a man to initiate any uninvited physical contact with a woman, up until the point where she manages to blurt out the word “no.”  Women who bring accusations against him will be insulted, threatened and lied about, with the wholehearted cooperation of the liberal media.

Violent crimes, including murder, committed against pregnant women by their boyfriends and husbands will become common news stories, but the motives for these acts will go unmentioned.  That’s because a story about a woman defending her unborn child from a man does not fit into the phony narrative of abortion as a conflict between female freedom fighters and their “anti-choice” male oppressors.

So-called “women’s clinics” will, as standard operating procedure, lie to women about the health risks from abortion, and about the development of the children they are carrying.  They will decide that the contents of a woman’s own womb are none of her business, and therefore try to prevent women from seeing their sonograms.  These clinics will routinely serve as accessories to statutory rape after the fact, because if they started blowing the whistle on the rapists, they would lose them as customers.  Instead, they will help the perpetrators dispose of the tiny, living, human bundles of evidence.

The president of Sandra Fluke’s America will oppose the banning of sex-selection abortions, a common practice among people from certain cultures, which disproportionately kills baby girls.  Fluke’s party will defend adults who transport minors across state lines for abortions in circumvention of parental consent laws.  They will assume in such a case that the girl is “choosing” abortion, while basically being kidnapped by her rapist, or else by the parents of the boy who impregnated her.

The abortion issue will create a tacit alliance between these “women’s groups” and the most vile, misogynistic pigs in America.  Fluke’s party will not even try to distance itself from an infamous publisher of violent pornography, who works on the party’s behalf to conduct opposition research on its Republican enemies.

Not only will women be expected to condone horrors like these, but they’ll be told to confine their political interests to a narrow range of issues assigned to them by their Neanderthal superiors.  Women will be relegated to the political equivalent of the Thanksgiving kids’ table.  “Leave issues like the national debt, foreign policy and homeland security to the grown-ups,” they’ll be told.  “We’ll let you have your little ‘women’s issues’ to play with, just as long as you adhere to the assigned opinions, which conveniently relieve us of accountability for recklessly splashing our DNA all over the place.”

When women who object to this treatment turn to Fluke’s friends for help, they will only subject themselves to scorn and ridicule.  That’s because in Sandra Fluke’s America, the women who presume to speak for all other women never fail to obey their male liberal masters.

If this whole scenario sounds familiar, it should.  You see, we don’t need to imagine the “war on women” that would exist if Fluke’s Democrats ever implemented their social agenda, because they already have, and it already does.



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