Posted on June 15, 2016



Damning Dad

Father’s Day Pledge is appalling


Daniel Clark



Happy Father’s Day, you sadistic, sociopathic brute!  That’s essentially how the holiday is being observed here in Pittsburgh, a city that is plunging into full-blown, banana-brained liberalism at warp speed.

Since 2014, political and business leaders have been signing onto the “Father’s Day Pledge to End Gender Violence,” along with popular local sports figures like Pirate manager Clint Hurdle, and longtime backup Steeler quarterback Charlie Batch.  If you don’t understand what “gender violence” means, that’s understandable, because liberals are still in the process of making it up.  If they really sought to end such a thing, it might occur to them to simply avoid creating it and save themselves a lot of trouble.

The pledge, drafted by an outfit called Southwest PA Says No More, starts out nonsensically, and becomes increasingly ill-defined from there.  It begins, “I will work to end gender violence and pledge to:  Not use violence of any form in my relationships.”  It’s hard to imagine any man taking such a pledge who would have any reason to do so.  Even if he did, who’d believe him?  After all, he’d have probably spoken similar words before.

Loath as feminists may be to admit it, most men do not assault women.  Those who do would not be dissuaded from violence by having taken the pledge, and would likely react violently to being asked to do so in the first place.  To the average American dad, a pledge not to beat up mom is unnecessary to the point of being meaningless.  You might as well ask him to sign a promise not to transgobulate any pindeazels.  Mind you, the words themselves are practically irrelevant, because liberal activists can be counted on to expand and reshape their definitions in order to produce the desired outcomes.

The pledge requires fathers to “speak up if another man is abusing his partner or is disrespectful or abusive to women and girls.”  This is nothing more than an attempt to enlist new recruits into the liberal speech police.  Within one sentence, violence is subsumed by the somewhat broader category of abuse, which is then conflated with “disrespect” – a term that is characterized primarily by verbal offenses.

To the countercultural Left, everything that is traditional is disrespectful toward women.  If you address a gathering of women as “ladies,” you have disrespected them, which is the equivalent of an act of misogynistic violence, as it is now being defined in this pledge.

The Southwest PA Says No More website explains the importance of “primary prevention,” which it defines as “stopping violence before it occurs.”  Among examples of primary prevention, it lists, “Challenging stereotypes about what men and women are supposed to be like.”  So, if you butt into a married couple’s conversation because the husband is joking about how much his wife talks on the phone, you may assume that you’ve prevented him from committing an act of violence against her, based on the longstanding feminist principle that men are guilty until proven innocent, and probably even then.

The next item in the pledge is to “Be an ally to women who are working to end all forms of gender violence.”  Okay, so we’ve established that “violence” encompasses lots of things that are not remotely comparable to actual violence.  We also know that “gender” is no longer synonymous with one’s sex.  Nowadays, there are no fewer than eleventeen genders, instead of just two, and if you dispute that, you are probably guilty of “gender violence” already.

If a man says he identifies as a woman, then referring to him with masculine pronouns would be an example of “gender violence,” would it not?  Surely, the authors of the pledge would consider that to be disrespectful, which is presumably the same as being violent.  To confront the disrespectful person would just as certainly fall under the rubric of “primary prevention.”

None of this does any good for women who are or may become victims of domestic abuse or sexual assault.  It only serves to validate the liberal prejudice that treats all men, and especially men from traditional nuclear families, as criminal suspects.  Father’s Day, then, is no longer an occasion to celebrate fathers, but is instead an opportunity for them to atone for their sinister existence.

Like the rest of liberalism, the Father’s Day Pledge to End Gender Violence is completely untethered from reality.  In a way, that’s too bad.  It would be nice if we could at least believe it was true that “Southwest PA Says No More.”



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