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Munch Kin: Cannibalism becomes too familiar (3/30/18)

Lamb's Lame Excuses: PA pol fails to justify abortion (1/18/18)

Lighten Up, Francis: The Pope's grim, anti-human worldview (9/29/17)

Lesson Not Lahren-ed: Tomi's mindless pro-abortion mantra (3/30/17)

In Us We Trust?: Kaine's phony abortion defense (10/17/16)

We're Evil! Get It?: Pro-abortion humor is lacking in irony (6/30/16)

Just A Little Atrocity: PP's 3% excuse is psychotic (8/30/15)

What If Planned Parenthood Was Law-Abiding? (7/29/15)

Sister Apple? Oh, Brother!: Abortion harms the living, too (3/30/15)

Personhood-winked: "Animal rights" are anti-human (7/19/15)

Incomparable Liars: Abortion does not equal health (7/20/14)

Forever Filibustering: Wendy Davis shows no substance (6/30/13)

History Of Horrors: Gosnell trial reveals nothing new (4/30/13)

Akin To Akin: The biologically ignorant Sen. Boxer (8/23/12)

Pondering People Pills: Don't think it can't happen here (5/15/12)

Only Human: When "person" is a subjective term (3/13/12)

That's Why We Have a Bill of Rights, Dr. Paul (1/30/12)

Ella's End Run: HHS decree makes you pay for abortion (8/10/11)

The "Reason" Excuse: FFRF practices political religion (7/13/11)

Gosnell's Guardians: Philly killer had plenty of help (2/10/11)

Rare, As In Bloody: Abortion booms in blue states (1/27/11)

Hating Humanity: Is your child the next James Lee? (9/17/10)

Stem Cell Snake Oil: Dems deceive the disabled (9/1/10)

A Choice Example: In defense of killing children (3/10/10)

Useless Emitters: Greenies endanger "non-persons" (12/19/09)

Ginsburg Howls: Madam Justice's inhumanity slips (7/15/09)

Less Is Morbid: Socialized medicine kills by design (5/31/09)

FOCA Hocus Pocus: Obama's impossible abortion promise (1/25/09)

"Pro"-Bull: Abortionists' indefensibility defense (12/23/08)

Only Children: Who cares if the prez is pro-life? (11/17/07)

Uncool Ghouls: Why abortionists are dying out (4/29/07)

They Were Expendable: What Roe has told America's youth (1/31/07)

Infertile Minds: Behold the voices of "science" (8/11/06)

Chimps And Salsa: Spain joins the anti-human movement (7/23/06)

Of Bums And Babies: Why Scalia's wrong on Roe (1/24/06)

"Reparsing" Abortion, Again: This time, it's "personal" (9/21/05)

Dead Precedents: "Living Constitution" yields stillborn rulings (8/8/05)

Mengele On The Monongahela: Pitt monkeys with embryonic life (12/20/04)

McGreevey's Lethal Legacy: Cloning law is his true scandal (9/6/04) 

The Gipper Has Spoken: Don't kill embryos on his account (6/16/04)

 Pecking Pickering: Feminists slap judge with race card (4/30/04)

Stone Cold-Hearted: November Gang admits to killing babies (1/31/04)

Vague Concerns: Pro-abortionists are selectively obtuse (11/03/03)

Doomed By Design: Scientists make self-destructive embryos (10/18/03)

The Tangled Web of Roe: Pro-aborts haunted by evasive past (5/30/03)

Choice Words: NARAL expunges abortion from its title (1/16/03)

Oregon's Run: Death-care system defeated, for now (11/29/02)

They See NUTH-thing: "Pro-choicers" can't handle the truth (3/1/02)

Holy Smokescreen: Clone creators hide behind religion (2/21/02)

W For Wobbly: Bush bollixes stem cell decision (8/12/01)

Blinded Sceince: The un-ethics of "extra" embryos (7/20/01)

Human Weeds and Witches: Abortion advocates in their own little worlds (1/17/01)

Left on the Bench: Justice again abandoned by Supreme Court (7/18/00)

Oh, The Humanity: A prominent liberal says foreigners aren't people (6/22/00)

Glorifying the Butchers: Hypocrites praise Cider House Rules (4/7/00)

Aborted Conscience: Factory of lies runs frantically on (1/12/00)

Celling Out: The tainted ethics of the NBAC (7/24/99)



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