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The Pigs For Choice Club

Inductee O.J. fits right in


Daniel Clark



It was only a matter of time. Soon after the Dobbs v. Jackson Supreme Court ruling overturned Roe v. Wade, irresponsible celebrities of all sorts came out on social media to condemn it, including O.J. Simpson. "I think it was a horrible decision," he said. "I think women should have a right to decide what happens with their bodies." The lack of self-awareness behind that statement is astonishing. Is he saying that Nicole asked to be repeatedly stabbed in the neck? An entry in her diary from seven years earlier, when she was pregnant with O.J.'s child, accuses him of calling her fat, demanding that she have an abortion, and threatening her with a gun. So, even within the narrow confines of the abortion issue, he still doesn't think women should have a right to decide what happens, as long as they disagree with him.

What brazen hypocrisy, to pretend to be advocating for women, whom he obviously does not respect, in order to promote a political cause from which he and his slimy ilk are the ones who truly benefit. No wonder The Juice is hereby inducted into the Pigs For Choice Club, where so many others of recent history's leading misogynistic swine already reside. Simpson will now take his place among the all-time great abortion advocates, who not coincidentally are men, and even less coincidentally are not very good men at that. Here is but a sampling of the greatest achievers among them.


Hugh Hefner -- His Playboy magazine regularly editorialized in favor of abortion on demand, going back as early as 1965. Few people realize that Playboy submitted an amicus brief in Roe v. Wade, and the Playboy Foundation partially bankrolled the case as it made its way to the Supreme Court. The pro-abortion movement, which the media tell us is comprised of "women's groups," literally owes its thanks to Hefner for 49 years of pro-abortion absolutism as national policy. That makes the late smut peddler the Grand Poobah of the Pigs For Choice Club. Is there any wonder why abortion became this man's favorite cause? Pregnant women, and women with children, were of no use to him.

Yes, of course this is the same Hugh Hefner who was the subject of the recent Secrets of Playboy miniseries that featured accusations of rape, voyeurism, druggings, and compelled bestiality. Essentially, he treated women as inhuman, expendable masses of tissue, which is exactly the way that "women's health care providers" treat unborn children.

Ted Kennedy -- It's little wonder that the senator who was able to ignore the silent screams of Mary Jo Kopechne in his underwater Oldsmobile was also unmoved by those from inside the womb. Although he said he opposed abortion when he was playing up his Catholicism early in his career, the "liberal lion" became the biggest pro-abortion blowhard in the Senate by the time the 77-year life of which he had deprived so many others was through. Lacking any capacity for irony, the congressional caveman famously called a group of conservative judicial appointees "Neanderthals," mostly because he felt they threatened the legality of this barbarous practice.

One of the highlights of Kennedy's career of debauchery was a 1985 incident, recounted five years later in GQ magazine, which could only be described as an assault against a waitress less than half his size. Kennedy and fellow senator Chris Dodd of Connecticut were in a private room finishing dinner, when their female companions had gone to the ladies' room. The two men asked to see an attractive waitress who had caught their attention. According to the article, which was corroborated by the waitress herself, the rest of the episode went like this: "The six-foot-two, 225-plus-pound Kennedy grabs the five-foot-three, 103-pound waitress and throws her on the table. She lands on her back, scattering crystal, plates and cutlery and the lit candles. Several glasses and a crystal candlestick are broken. Kennedy then picks her up from the table and throws her on Dodd, who is sprawled in a chair. With [her] on Dodd's lap, Kennedy jumps on top and begins rubbing his genital area against hers." All done out of respect, of course.

Norman Mailer -- When the notoriously misogynistic novelist would express his support for abortion, he would admit that it was a manner of killing, but add that killing people isn't necessarily a bad thing. "Everything in the universe shows us that slaying is a profound part of the continuation of the wheel of life," he said, as if man's greatest contribution to the world was his role in the nitrogen cycle.

If you think it sounds as if Mailer favored the killing of more than unborn children, you may be right. It was in front of an audience, at a party meant to launch his 1960 New York mayoral campaign, that he stabbed his second wife, twice in the back and once in the abdomen. According to witnesses, Mailer committed the act after his wife had belittled him by questioning his sexual proclivities. So what else was an intensely insecure he-man wannabe to do?

Far from being remorseful, Mailer wrote An American Dream five years later, a novel whose main character graphically strangles his wife to death, in a scene that the author seems to enjoy a little too much. Ultimately, he gets away with it, and why not? People kill people. Such is life.

Larry Flynt -- Even Hefner, his fellow pornographer, must have though this guy was a real sicko. Flynt's Hustler magazine is known for its portrayals of torture, mutilation, and other violence against women, in ways that he must have imagined were enjoyable. One infamous issue from 1983 depicted a gang rape on a pool table. When he was criticized for another of the vile fantasies he published, of a woman being raped and killed in a concentration camp, he justified it by calling it "satire." Get it?

Flynt entered the political fray during the impeachment of President Clinton [see below], when the uber-pervert volunteered his services to the Democratic Party as an opposition researcher and cable news talking head. Neither the party nor the various feminist groups that support it made any public efforts to distance themselves from him.

By now, you're probably not surprised that Flynt was committed to the abortion cause. He endorsed Hillary Clinton for president on the basis that her judicial appointees would defend legal abortion, and he publicly criticized Sarah Palin for giving birth to a baby with Down's Syndrome instead of having it killed in the womb. So much for "a woman's right to choose."

Bill Clinton -- People with short memories are now crediting The Big Creep with having a modicum of decency, because he often said he wanted abortion to be rare. Like most other things he ever said, however, he didn't mean it. After a politically disastrous first two years of his presidency, which were characterized by overzealous liberalism, Clinton tacked to the center for the sake of his self-preservation. Through it all, abortion remained the one issue on which he never budged, and its proponents the one constituency he never betrayed.

It was Clinton who twice vetoed the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act, preserving the legality of a late-term procedure in which the abortionist pulls the baby most of the way through the birth canal before stabbing it in the head with a pair of scissors. Claiming such a thing to be somehow medically necessary, the president flanked himself with five women who had supposedly undergone the procedure for health reasons, and charged that banning it would amount to "tearing women to shreds." It turned out that none of these women had actually had a partial-birth abortion, and of course, none of them had been in any physical danger. In each case, the health concern involved had been possible fetal abnormalities. When the ban was sent to him again a year later, he was undeterred by the refutation of his excuses for his first veto, but instead issued his second one quietly, without ceremony.

So why is Bill Clinton so devoted to abortion? It must be out of his deep respect for women, right? Either that, or the exact opposite. Let's see which is true. In 1977, when Clinton was Attorney General of Arkansas and had been married to Hillary for three years, nightclub singer Gennifer Flowers became pregnant with his child. She explains that she was "more casual about birth control than I would have been normally," because Bill had told her he was sterile. Flowers had hoped the baby would cause him to divorce Hillary and marry her instead, and says "my heart sunk [sic]" when Bill's immediate reaction was, "Well, you know I will pay for an abortion." She agreed to go through with it, but whose choice was that, really?

Clinton's treatment of Flowers seems downright chivalrous when compared to his behavior toward other women, even if you don't believe Juanita Broaddrick, and why wouldn't you? The manner in which he leveraged his power over women, from Kathleen Willey to Monica Lewinsky, was the textbook definition of sexual harassment. He was equally abusive, however, of women he did not target sexually. The phrase "talking points" has become such a mundane part of political rhetoric that its source has been largely forgotten. The original "talking points" was a memo that Clinton had Lewinsky deliver to Linda Tripp, advising her on how to falsify an affidavit. Tripp, who worked in the White House Counsel's office, had inevitably witnessed one of the president's sexual transgressions.

"You and Kathleen [Willey] were friends," the memo helpfully began. "At or around the time of her husband's death (the president has claimed it was after her husband died. Do you really want to contradict him?), she came to you after she allegedly came out of the Oval and looked (however she looked), you don't recall her exact words, but she claimed at the time (whatever she claimed) and was very happy.

"... As a result of your conversation with her and subsequent reports that showed that she had tried to enlist the help of someone else in her lie that the president sexually harassed her, you now do not believe that what she claimed happened really happened. You now find it completely plausible that she herself smeared her lipstick, untucked her blouse, etc." It was in defending herself against this implicit threat that Tripp recorded her conversations with Lewinsky, revealing even more of Clinton's selfish and abusive behavior toward women. To the surprise of nobody who pays attention, it was Tripp, not Clinton, who became the arch enemy of feminists everywhere.

As governor, Clinton had abused his power by using state troopers as sexual gofers. Not only did they procure women for him, but they drove him to his rendezvous, often at hotel rooms that they had reserved for him, while keeping tabs on Hillary's whereabouts. The Smoothest Man In The World delegated his ice-breakers to these corrupted officers, so that he could show up afterward, as he did in the case of Paula Jones, to drop his pants and say, "kiss it."

That was hardly the greatest of Bill Clinton's gubernatorial scandals, though. In 1990, he pardoned his friend Dan Lasater, founder of the Ponderosa steak house chain, and a friend on whose private plane he was often a passenger. Four years earlier, Lasater had been convicted of distributing cocaine to underage girls he used as entertainment at parties. In his testimony during congressional Whitewater hearings, Lasater took umbrage at being called a drug dealer. All he had done was prostitute a bunch of teenagers by plying them with illegal narcotics. It wasn't as if he'd sold the drugs to them. His buddy Bill evidently saw little wrong with that, either.

Clinton has already been caught lying about how often he has flown on the private plane of deceased pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. He initially admitted to being on board the plane four times, which might have been innocent enough, but now we know that the number of trips is at least 26. This news, which ought to be alarming, has instead been met with a gigantic, collective yawn, and no wonder, considering everything that was known about the man already.

Howard Stern -- The self-described "king of all media" is most famous for insulting and humiliating women, and also for being stridently pro-abortion. In fact, he has suggested that he might run for president, so that "you're gonna get five new Supreme Court justices that are going to overturn all this." Well, you didn't expect him to actually understand American civics, did you?

With characteristic laziness, Stern regurgitates the tiresome and easily disproven claim that, "If men got pregnant, it would be a different story." In reality, decades of polling have consistently shown that abortion is not a women vs. men issue. Women are equally divided on it, and so are men, demonstrating that the possibility of becoming pregnant does not dictate one's opinion about it. If anything, men, being more distant from the reality of abortion, can afford to be far more cavalier about it. If Stern became pregnant, he'd suddenly have to deal with questions like, "You're going to dilate what, and put what in where, and take what out? Of course, these things would never occur to a man who was entirely inconsiderate of women.

When Donald Trump used to be a Pig For Choice, not only was he a frequent, friendly guest on Howard Stern's show, but the two of them were known to be friends off the air as well. By the time Trump decided to run for president, he had changed his position on abortion, and was promising to appoint federal judges who would be faithful to the Constitution. Stern turned on his longtime pig-pal, and endorsed Hillary Clinton for president instead. There was a reason for that, and it was definitely not that Stern respects and admires women.

Stern's idea of wit is to bring a pair of strippers onto his show and have them spank each other. Adhering to the corrupted liberal definition of "honesty," he has been known to ask female guests extremely personal and inappropriate questions of a sexual nature, and those are just the ones that he seems to like. He makes sport of women who have what he perceives to be physical shortcomings, to the point of tricking one of them into weighing herself on his show, without her knowledge.

In one especially ugly incident, Stern interviewed former child actress Dana Plato of Diff'rent Strokes, who was obviously a very troubled person. The segment went without any difficulty until he started taking calls from people who were too consistently, irrationally hostile toward Plato to have all been genuine callers. Stern played good cop, giving every appearance of defending Plato, while at the same time allowing them to assail her at length with regard to her sexual behavior and substance abuse problems. It was entirely unrealistic that a series of randomly accepted callers would be so hateful toward an obscure former celebrity, and Stern could have easily screened them out, or else ended their calls once they turned nasty. Instead, he pretended to be sympathetic, while amplifying the callers' accusations by, for example, saying how unfair it was to accuse her of still being on drugs, and then asking her to verify that she was not on drugs during the interview.

The very next day, Plato committed suicide.

Harvey Weinstein -- Two months before being indicted on multiple counts of rape, the celebrated movie producer attended Planned Parenthood's Hundredth Anniversary Gala, where he supposedly purchased a painting for $100,000 in an auction. PP denies any connection to Weinstein, saying that his pledge "went unfulfilled," which is peculiar, if true. Why would a man who, at the time, had a net worth of about $300 million, welch on a donation of a hundred grand that was supposed to help cover his perverted posterior?

In any case, that organization's claim that "Harvey Weinstein is not and has never been a donor to Planned Parenthood Federation of America" stands refuted by his very presence at the event. Imagine going to the centennial celebration of the most elitist organization in the world, being seated at the head table alongside guest of honor Hillary Clinton, dining on the most pretentious foods, and clinking glasses with Meryl Streep in a champaign toast to abortion. That doesn't come without a cost. So how can it be true that Weinstein never donated to the Planned Parenthood Federation of America? Did the money go to a particular Planned Parenthood chapter instead of the national organization? Or are they just flat-out lying, as usual?

Weinstein has since been convicted, and is now serving 23 years while awaiting trial in a separate case. Altogether, he faces no fewer than 87 accusations from different women, of various degrees of sexual misconduct. It's as if he was merely thumbing his nose in defiance of the authorities when, in 2009, he defended director Roman Polanski against being extradited for raping a 13-year-old girl.

Because Weinstein had a role in producing nearly 200 movies, perhaps it's coincidental that he was executive producer of the 1999 pro-abortion propaganda piece The Cider House Rules. Then again, maybe not. Regardless of Planned Parenthood's denials of any relationship to Weinstein, his devotion to the abortion cause is unmistakable. In 2012, he hosted a fundraising dinner for Barack Obama's re-election campaign, during which he praised the president for "fighting for Planned Parenthood and protecting women's rights."

Ever since legal actions were first taken against Weinstein in 2017, the gusher of stories that have come forth about his criminal behavior and general piggery suggest that these things had been poorly kept secrets for many years. Nevertheless, he continued to be a close friend of the Clintons, an object of Hollywood suckuppery, and an advocate for the atrocity he mischaracterizes as "women's rights."


It is among these giants of the pro-abortion movement that O.J. is now inducted, as a proud new member of the Pigs For Choice Club. Why has keeping abortion legal been so important to these eight men? Because they are simply the greatest champions of women who have ever existed. And if you buy that one, you probably also believe that The Juice is still searching for the real killer.



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