Posted on June 30, 2016



We’re Evil!  Get It?

Pro-abortion humor is lacking in irony


Daniel Clark



San Diego abortionist Robert Santella decided to have some fun with a young protestor named Zephaniah Mel outside his clinic one day, so he walked up and breathed directly into Mel’s face while growling demonically, with just inches between the two.  “Stinky breath,” he explained, while holding out a cup of coffee for Mel’s camera phone to see.  Then, he reached out with a pair of scissors in his other hand, as if he were threatening to stab Mel in the neck with them.  With Santella continuing to speak in a cartoonish demonic voice, the rest of the conversation went like this:

MEL: “Wow!  That’s what you do to babies, huh?”

SANTELLA: “Yeah, I love it!”

MEL: “You love it, huh.”

SANTELLA: “Yeah, I do!”

MEL: “Okay.  I hope that you come to Christ, sir.”

SANTELLA: “Oh, I never go to Christ.  No, I don’t go to Christ.  I don’t listen to Christ.”

MEL: “You will have a darkened heart, sir.”

SANTELLA: “I do have a darkened heart.  Yeah, I do very, very much so.”

It’s apparent from Mel’s reaction to the situation that he did not think Santella would actually stab him.  This was clearly an example of what, from an abortionist’s point-of-view, suffices for humor.  If you don’t find it funny, perhaps that’s because there’s no punch line.

Santella spoke in a sarcastic tone, which would naturally lead one to believe he meant the exact opposite of what he was saying.  To the contrary, we know that he was taking himself very literally.  He really does kill babies in a violent manner as he pretended to do to Mel.  Obviously, he truly doesn’t listen to Christ, and he makes it very easy to believe he has a darkened heart.  Even his confession to having stinky breath is eminently credible.  The big joke, then, is that Sentella is exactly what pro-lifers accuse him of being, but that they’re powerless to do anything about it.  Tee-hee.

You may recall a similar demonstration three years ago in Texas, where the legislature was debating those supposedly unduly burdensome abortion clinic regulations.  Outside the state capitol, a woman was telling a crowd about the tragic results of her own abortion, when pro-abortion activists drowned her out with apparently spontaneous chants of “Hail Satan!  Hail Satan!”  That's a pretty curious outburst of faux sarcasm, considering that the woman had not accused them of Satanism.  It was without provocation that they began praising the Prince of Darkness, angrily sticking out their tongues for the cameras, and making Tasmanian devil noises.

What they were protesting was a proposal to hold the clinics to the same health and safety standards as if they were legitimate medical facilities.   These demonstrators were determined to maximize the frequency of abortion, even at the expense of the safety of the women they purported to represent.  That’s a morally indefensible position, so rather than defend it, they became defiant.  Yes, they’re evil, so what of it?

Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood clinic director who is now an active opponent of abortion, says that the people at her clinic had joked in much this same way.  Johnson explains that the freezer where the fetal remains were stored was nicknamed “The Nursery” by clinic employees.  She recalls that when a pro-life crisis pregnancy center moved in next door, they all (herself included) joked about welcoming their new neighbors by sending them a box of baby-shaped cookies covered with red icing.  So, they were aware that the contents of the freezer were babies, whose killing they knew would upset those conservative Christian squares.  Get it?

At pro-abortion demonstrations, you’ll often see people waving signs that say things like “Abort Sarah Palin,” or “Abort George W. Bush” – slogans that unambiguously convey the activists’ understanding that abortion is a fatal act of violence committed against a fellow human being.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

It is said that in order for comedy to succeed, it must contain an element of truth.  It should be parenthetically added that truth only contributes to humor when it morally reinforces the joke-teller's point-of-view.  If you are going to joke about the killing of babies, then the baby killers must be the objects of derision.  If, on the other hand, your idea of comedy is to say, “Get me; I’m killing babies – bwwah-hah-hah-hah,” you’re not likely to find many people laughing along with you.

… Except, perhaps, for five current justices of the Supreme Court, that is.



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