Posted on August 30, 2015



Just A Little Atrocity

PP’s 3% excuse is psychotic


Daniel Clark



As every liberal media parrot knows by now, abortion only accounts for three percent of everything that Planned Parenthood does.  That’s a strange defense, coming from those who argue that there’s nothing wrong with abortion in the first place.  It’s also about as dishonest as every other statement that’s ever come from PP or its allies.

Whereas this three percent claim is meant to minimize public perception of the organization’s role in the abortion industry, it paradoxically magnifies its depravity, by demonstrating how it trivializes the killing of the innocent.  The way PP presents it, the killing of a human baby is just another among many items on its itinerary, of no greater significance than administering an STD exam, or handing someone a box of condoms.

Not only are these calculations disproportionate in that they weigh all “services” equally, but they include a lot of abortions and abortion-related activities among those 97 percent of non-abortion services.  About ten percent of these are pregnancy tests, which of course it administers as part of the process of trying to sell abortions.  “Contraception” accounts for a third of these services, but PP applies this term not only to genuine contraceptives, but also to abortifacients like RU-486 and Plan B.  The largest category, at about 40 percent, are tests for sexually transmitted diseases and infections, which, when administered to pregnant women, are often used to prod them toward abortion.

PP absurdly counts “adoption referrals” among its other services, when in reality those are merely the ones that got away.  The clinics try to dissuade women from adoption, for the simple reason that they want the babies dead.  That’s why their abortions outnumber adoption referrals by a 149-to-1 ratio.  Knowing that abortion was the aim in case #150 as well, how honest is it to use that failed effort to statistically reduce the percentage of “abortion services”?

Planned Parenthood’s mission since its founding has been population control.  It has nothing whatsoever to do with women’s health, preventing the spread of STDs, or arranging adoptions.  What few legitimate medical services the organization provides are only a front, just as a flower shop or pizzeria might serve as a front for organized crime.  The difference is that some mobsters might also be good florists and pizza makers.  Abortionists and abortion pushers, on the other hand, do not offer responsible medical care.

As demonstrated in the undercover videos from the Center for Medical Progress, abortion cannot remain an abstraction to those who are directly involved in the act.  In one video, PP employees empty a bag of fetal remains into a pan, and use tweezers to discern one body part from another, at one point discussing how easy the eyes are to pick out from the rest of the jumble.  They’re perfectly aware of their involvement in the dismemberment and killing of innocent human beings, and they’ve accepted it, even to the point of laughing at extremely inappropriate moments.

For PP to argue that it performs many functions in addition to these horrors is not only unpersuasive, it’s psychotic.  Imagine a murderer trying to get off the hook for killing three people, by claiming to have done 97 other things within the same time frame.  Mow the lawn, kill a person and cut out his liver, wash the dishes – all in a day’s work.  The disconnect is not unlike that seen in a slasher from the movies, who after committing the deed, wipes off his knife and uses it to slice an apple.  If that sounds to you like a gross exaggeration, you haven’t seen the footage of PP executive Deborah Nucatola, casually munching a salad while discussing the strategic crushing of tiny bodies for the purpose of procuring intact hearts, lungs and livers.

Want to talk percentages?  The Planned Parenthood Federation of America does more than 30 percent of all the abortions in the United States.  From their point-of-view, why shouldn’t they?  If there’s nothing wrong with one abortion, what could be wrong with 330,000 of them a year?  They only try to prevent the public from knowing the volume of their business because they know that most of the American people do not share their psychosis.

It’s not that Planned Parenthood thinks its abortions are okay because they only account for three percent of something.  It’s just that the people there have no more of a conscience about destroying and tearing apart tiny human beings than they have about doing the same thing, just as habitually, to the truth.



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