Posted on March 30, 2017



Lesson Not Lahren-ed

Tomi’s mindless pro-abortion mantra


Daniel Clark



There’s a reason why, over the course of our national debate on abortion, there have been so many defectors from the pro- to the anti-side, and so few heading in the other direction.  Once one has accepted the fact that a new human being is created at the instant of fertilization, no additional knowledge can ever be gained that would persuade one that an unborn human child is the moral equivalent of a fig.  Anybody who defects to the pro-abortion side must therefore dismiss what he or she already knows about the issue.

Maybe that’s why recent pro-abortion convert Tomi Lahren doesn’t care to discuss the facts of abortion, but instead dismisses its opponents as hypocrites.  Lahren (first name pronounced “Tommy,” for those unfamiliar) is a young social media star who, up until now, has been a conservative commentator on Glenn Beck’s network, The Blaze.

In an appearance on ABC’s The View, she surprised many by declaring her support for abortion, in contradiction of remarks she’d previously made on her own show, Tomi.  Some conservatives have pointed out that Lahren once took abortion-loving celebrity Lena Dunham to task for “wishing she could have murdered a fetus.”  Now, she says, “I can’t sit here and be a hypocrite and say I’m for limited government, but say I think the government should decide what women do with their bodies.”  Or with their murdered fetuses.  Whichever.

In response to her critics, Lahren tweeted, “I speak my truth.  If you don’t like it, tough.  I will always be honest and stand in my truth.”  Oh, so that’s what she’s standing in.  Who knew truth could be so pungent?

This is a common argument made by abortion advocates who hold otherwise conservative or libertarian views, which goes to show how little they care to really think about the issue.  The way Lahren presents it, limited government is a hypocrisy unto itself.  In order to defend abortion, she pretends to believe that the only two philosophically defensive positions are totalitarianism and anarchy.

Part of believing in limited government is understanding that it’s limited to something.  The recognition that the federal government has a duty to protect the people’s rights to life, liberty and property is why our founders drafted and ratified the Bill of Rights.  One would hope that Lahren, who said on The View, “I am someone who loves the Constitution,” understood this.

No, Tomi, it is not hypocritical of conservatives to say that the government has no business regulating the mileage of our cars or the capacity of our toilet tanks, but that it has a duty to prevent the slaughter of innocent human beings.  What’s hypocritical is taking one side of an issue while talking to a conservative audience on The Blaze, and taking the opposite position while talking to a liberal audience on The View.

What’s hypocritical is declaring, “I love the Constitution,” and also defending an activist Supreme Court ruling that purports to find its justification in a “penumbra” (or partially-lighted area) of the Constitution, a Ninth Amendment right that literally cannot exist, the interpretation of one amendment “through” another amendment, and other blatantly anti-constitutional poppycock like that.

What’s hypocritical is saying you’re for limited government, yet condoning an outrageous power grab by the federal judiciary, which presumed to create “the law of the land” without such a law having ever been passed.

What’s hypocritical is characterizing abortion as “what women do with their bodies,” when you’ve already demonstrated your knowledge that the bodies that are destroyed, and then discarded or sold for scrap, are not theirs.

What’s hypocritical is pretending to defend a woman’s right to do what she wants with her “own body” – meaning her unborn child – and siding with an abortion industry that strenuously tries to prevent women from seeing their sonograms, thus taking the position that the content of a woman’s womb is none of her business.

What’s hypocritical is talking a big game about political incorrectness, then joining a movement whose adherents are incapable of discussing the issue without burying it under a steaming heap of euphemism.

What’s hypocritical is consciously rejecting the immutable facts of life, and then pronouncing the resulting conclusion to be “my truth.”

Sorry, Tomi, everybody doesn’t get to have his or her own truth.  Either you can have the one objective truth, or else you can have applause whenever you appear on some vacuous liberal screechfest like The View.  It’s about time you picked one or the other, and stuck with it.



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