Posted on October 17, 2016



In Us We Trust?

Kaine’s phony abortion defense


Daniel Clark



In his debate with Mike Pence, Democrat vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine said that, as a Catholic, he agrees with church teachings about abortion, yet he is dedicated to keeping abortion legal because he “trusts women.”  He was visibly satisfied with the evenhanded compassion of his declaration, but let’s put feelings aside, and try to follow this through logically.

The Catholic church acknowledges that a new human being exists from the instant of fertilization.  That makes abortion the killing of an already existing, totally innocent human being.  Senator Kaine professes to believe this.  If he says he trusts women where abortion is concerned, and there are about 1.2 million abortions a year in this country, then his trust is obviously misplaced in far too many instances.

Kaine’s “trusting women” rhetoric is clearly meant to mischaracterize the abortion issue as a battle of the sexes, pitting women’s empowerment against patriarchal oppression.  This perception is refuted by decades of consistent polling data that show no gender-based difference of opinion on the issue.  Furthermore, the question of who is responsible for an abortion is a lot more complicated than simply calling it a woman’s “choice.”

When an unborn child’s father pressures its mother into having an abortion under threat of abandonment or physical violence, does Kaine trust that man, too?  Does he also trust a statutory rapist, who drives his underage victim to the abortion clinic to destroy the evidence of his crime?  What about the abortion industry itself, which profits from the killing of what Kaine knows are people, and whose “counselors” routinely lie to women, and use every scare tactic in the book to persuade them to “choose” abortion?  “Trusting women” scarcely explains his becoming an accessory to acts such as these.

Notice that we never hear this “personally opposed, but” rhetoric when it comes to any other issue.  Never else do we hear politicians claim to “trust” people with decisions over whether or not to deprive others of their most fundamental rights, or to violate their persons.  If we could simply trust everybody not to kill, rape, steal, assault people or destroy their property, we would need no system of criminal justice.  To the certain horror of a liberal like Kaine, we’d barely even need any government at all.

Kaine’s Democratic Party, to the contrary, is animated by its distrust of the people it purportedly serves.  The Clinton-Kaine team doesn’t believe the people can be trusted to educate their own children, or inculcate them with a responsible value system.  Nor do they trust people to own firearms, develop their own property, choose what kind of vehicle to drive, or even feed themselves.  Their superficial libertarianism on abortion is actually consistent with this view. To a government that sees its role as keeping and caring for its people, encouragement of abortion is simply a means of cost containment.  If one takes it upon oneself to take care of all others from cradle to grave, then it naturally behooves one if some of certain kinds of people never make it to the cradle in the first place.

So, when Kaine says he trusts women about abortion, he doesn’t mean he trusts them not to have any.  What he means instead is that when a woman chooses abortion that’s fine with him, even though he knows the decision kills a child, and even if it has been made under duress from sinister forces.

Kaine is using his Catholicism to shield his abortion advocacy by framing the issue as a religious one, the anti-abortion position thereby being neither right not wrong, but only Catholic.  The senator believes one thing, and other people believe other things, so who is he to impose his religious beliefs upon others?  The problem with that excuse is that the Catholic teaching on abortion is not an article of faith.  Rather, it is a rational conclusion based on indisputable biological facts.  When Kaine refuses to impose his “beliefs,” that means he knows, as a matter of fact, that abortion is the systematic dismemberment and killing of tiny human beings, but that he thinks it should remain legal under practically any circumstances.

Sen. Kaine does not trust women, any more than he personally opposes abortion.  He absolutely approves of abortion, and actually wants a certain number of them to happen.  Contrary to his “who am I to impose” blather, he has no qualms about imposing his liberalism on others, even if it means killing millions of those he freely admits are people.



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