Posted on May 7, 2023



Butchery By Mail

Sacrificing women as a tactic


Daniel Clark



Perhaps the most effective rhetorical device for the pro-abortion movement has been the "back-alley butchers" that would kill women in a society where abortion was illegal. The object that is used to symbolize this butchery is a coat hanger, supposedly a common instrument with which illegal abortions were performed.

If there has ever been even a single coat hanger abortion attempted, that case would be wildly unrepresentative. For the most part, illegal abortions before Roe v. Wade were done by doctors, who used abortion to supplement the income from their legitimate practices. After that 1973 ruling, they did the same thing, only legally. The pre-Roe back-alley butchers and the post-Roe esteemed women's health care professionals were largely the same group of people. The assertion that the legalization of abortion made it any safer is sophistry.

Since the Dobbs ruling overturned Roe, twelve states have passed strict prohibitions on abortion, thus calling the abortion advocates' bluff. As time passes, it will become clear that their scaremongering has not been borne out. Their "I'm rubber, you're glue" argument, that they are the ones defending innocent human lives, while abortion opponents are the real killers, will show itself to be the childish nonsense it has always been.

Unless they deliberately create the situation they've warned about, that is. That's where the drug combination of mifepristone and misoprostol comes in. Abortionists claim these drugs are safer than Tylenol, but the data tell a different story. A study of abortions induced by chemical means, based on Medicaid claims data, found that 28.7 percent of those women who took the drugs visited an emergency room within the following 30 days. No wonder the drugs that used to be known as RU-486 have been rebranded. Instead of printing those six characters, news stories now windily refer to "mifepristone, when taken in conjunction with another drug called misoprostol for the purpose of terminating a pregnancy." This would not be the case had "RU-486" not developed negative connotations.

Even under the original Food and Drug Adminstration guidance from the year 2000, abortions induced by RU-486 were never safe for women. President Bill Clinton had seen to it that these drugs would not be adequately tested, by putting them on a fast-track approval process similar to the one that was used for COVID vaccines. He justified this by officially mischaracterizing pregnancy as a life-threatening illness.

The modest precautions the FDA had outlined have now been lifted. Whereas the administration of RU-486 used to require three in-person office visits, the drugs are now being mailed out with total indifference to the potential hazards. For example, the FDA originally approved them for use from 4-7 weeks gestation, but later expanded that time frame to 4-10 weeks. Nobody is policing this now. Pregnant women can't find out how far along they are by telemedicine, and yet many of them are receiving the pills after only a remote diagnosis, if any at all.

The FDA could hardly have been more emphatic that these drugs must not be administered in the case of an ectopic pregnancy, in which the baby has implanted in a fallopian tube, or someplace else outside of the womb. These are the rare and tragic circumstances in which the growth of the baby, which itself stands no chance of survival, threatens the life of the mother. An ectopic pregnancy can only be diagnosed through an in-person examination. A Zoom call is totally insufficient, and the abortionists know it.

The mass distribution of these abortion pills by mail is going to kill women. Of that much, there is absolute certainty. Equally certain is that the primary purpose of this campaign is to break the law in states in which most abortions are illegal. Because both of those outcomes are being created deliberately, one can only conclude that there must be a reason. Once the atrocious results are realized, the abortionists could blame them on anti-abortion laws, instead of on their own behavior. Mifepristone and misoprostol would become the new back-alley butchers, responsibility for whose actions would be deflected by the claim that the law made them do it.

Abortionists and their political supporters have made a conscious decision that they know will kill women. Either they consider this to be an acceptable amount of collateral damage, or they are executing the most cynical political tactic ever devised. In either case, we can see that anyone who could kill a tiny baby girl in the womb has little compunction about also killing a grown woman.



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