Posted on July 29, 2015



What If Planned Parenthood

Was Law-Abiding?


Daniel Clark



Public outrage over the undercover videos of Planned Parenthood by the pro-life Center for Medical Progress has been driven largely by PP’s apparent admissions of illegal activities.  It’s plain to see that the population control organization is involved in the illegal marketing of fetal body parts, and its senior medical director, Deborah Nucatola, basically admitted that the abortionists are still using the partial-birth procedure that has been illegal since 2003.  Mary Gatter, another PP medical director, ghoulishly suggested “using a less crunchy technique to get more whole specimens,” even though it is also illegal to alter an abortion procedure in order to procure organs.

Not that flouting the law is anything new for Planned Parenthood, one of whose main societal functions has been to aid and abet statutory rapists.  The “women’s health care providers” have also illegally endangered countless women by administering the abortion drug combination RU-486 in ways that are contraindicated by FDA guidelines.

There’s no doubt that Planned Parenthood is a thoroughly criminal enterprise, but is that really why we should be so mad?  The truth be known, what’s got the abortionists’ spin machine churning is not their legal culpability, because they are confident that their political allies will protect them from prosecution.  It’s the exposure of what their business consists of, even when they’re obeying the law.

For decades, they’ve succeeded in censoring the speech of their critics.  One mustn’t call them “baby killers,” for instance.  In polite society, they’re referred to as “women’s reproductive healthy-choicey-body-thingey rights providers,” or some such drivel.  Those rules of decorum may soon be abandoned, however, now that these videos are peeling away all the layers of euphemism, and broadcasting to the world that Planned Parenthood is killing babies.

To focus on the criminal facet of the scandal will only give the liberal media an excuse to dismiss everything, by mischaracterizing the absence of prosecution as an exoneration.  Then, no matter how damning any new information about Planned Parenthood may be, they can say it’s already been investigated and found to be nothing.  It’s the same approach that has spared the Clintons from the consequences of their actions for decades.

Besides, our government has already known about the sale of fetal organs at least as far back as 2000, when two body part wholesalers named Opening Lines and the Anatomic Gift Foundation were the subjects of congressional hearings.  Like Planned Parenthood, those wholesalers denied the charges by describing the transactions as “donations.”  Their story was that the abortion clinics “donated” the organs, with the wholesalers only paying a “site fee” for the use of the rooms where the dissections took place, and that the wholesalers in turn “donated” the parts to their clients, who paid a considerable lot for shipping and handling.  They got away with that evasion, despite the discovery of an Opening Lines price list detailing how much was being charged for each organ (“Brain [less than or equal to 8 weeks] $999 – 30% discount if significantly fragmented.”)  Listening to the PPFA’s rhetoric, its officials must be acutely aware of that precedent.

Just because something is legal doesn’t mean it’s not an atrocity, or that its practitioners should not be condemned and ostracized.  Partial-birth abortion did not suddenly become evil when George W. Bush signed the law banning it; otherwise, public outrage over the practice would have been unjustified, just as long as the abortionists had Bill Clinton’s veto pen to protect them.

The same is true about the abortion industry in general.  The most horrifying thing about Gatter’s “less crunchy technique” remark is not that Planned Parenthood is breaking the law, but that it routinely employs techniques of varying degrees of crunchiness to separate tiny hearts, lungs and livers from their rightful owners.  If we allow ourselves to lose sight of that, the rest will mean nothing.  If it’s not a national scandal that more than a million innocent people are being dismembered and killed every year, then how much can it really matter what’s done with their organs once they’re dead?

Let’s pretend for a minute that Planned Parenthood isn’t really selling fetal body parts.  Let’s assume instead that they are using standard abortion procedures, and then simply disposing of the babies’ bodies as medical waste.  If our only concern is that the law be obeyed, then there can’t be any cause for outrage, can there?  Babies, schmabies.  As long as they’re using the crunchy technique, it’s none of anyone’s business.  There’s nothing to see here.  Move along.



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