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Ruled Out: Obama bathroom edict had no basis in law (2/28/17)

WWOD?: Choice moments from the Obama presidency (1/11/17)

Hardline To Swallow: Obama’s causes are not common to us (8/16/15)

Warped Powers Act: Does Obama need Congress or not? (3/16/15)

The Mystery "Our": Whose values are the Dems talking about? (12/30/14)

No Worries For O: The tragedy of liberal tranquility (8/17/14)

Barack Obama Wuz Here: We're living a Bugs Bunny cartoon (6/27/14)

Vocabulary Fraud: Obama denies by redefinition (4/22/14)

Obama's Bad Lie: But the rest are OK, apparently (11/10/13)

The Empty Chair II: Imagining an Eastwood-Obama sequel (5/31/13)

Who's Minding The Military?: Obama abandons his post (2/15/13)

Two-Bibles Barack: O's inaugural oath overkill (1/31/13)

The Bright Side Of Hell: Obama's win has its good points (11/19/12)

Obama's $4 Trillion Tale: The deficit is not cumulative (10/30/12)

Detail & The Donkey: Obama skates on specifics (10/15/12)

Mitt's Off: Stop conceding the character issue (9/30/12)

Windy City Madman: Nuge meets Obama "truth squad" (4/30/12)

O's Gun Show: Fast & Furious = Bowling for Columbine (12/26/11)

Orator Overrated: Ranking Obama's worst speeches (9/30/11)

Another Ameripology: Obama sends regrets to UNHRC (11/25/10)

Obama In Orbit: Prez views USA from a distance (10/11/10)

O, Really?: Obama invents an Islamic-American past (8/20/10)

Busybodies, Lazy Minds: Obama declares war on sloth (6/30/10)

Weighing Anger: Obama's contrived combustibility (6/13/10)

 Time Bandit: Obama's shifty and cynical ciphering (2/9/10)

"O" Is No "W": Presidential critics are worlds apart (1/20/10)

Miranda V. America: Obama wages Warren terror (6/16/09)

Uighur The World: Obama proposes to aid terrorists (4/13/09)

Out "O" Touch: Obama's aloofness on display (3/11/09)

Obama's Success Story, or Saving Jobs Made Easy (2/24/09)

FOCA Hocus Pocus: Obama's impossible abortion promise (1/25/09)

Obama's Oath of Office, extended version (11/16/08)

Sorry, Chris, You're Being Insipid (10/28/08)

Barack Obama's A Series Of Fortunate Events (8/12/08)

Obama Fails Detest: Speech excuses America-haters (7/14/08)

Political Palooka: Obama gags on Gitmo question (6/25/08)

Obama's Arrogance: Senator cites self, instead of the law (4/11/07)



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