Posted on June 27, 2014



Barack Obama Wuz Here

We’re living a Bugs Bunny cartoon


Daniel Clark



Once upon a time, Bugs Bunny got ticked off at America.  It all started when he learned that the game commission’s bounty on rabbits was only two cents.  “It’s discrimination!” he declared.  When he went to Washington for an explanation, the commissioner told him that animals with large bounties on them are dangerous and destructive, whereas rabbits are “perfectly harmless.”  Feeling disrespected, Bugs set out to prove him wrong.

The enwaged wabbit embarked on a campaign of devastation, making sure that everyone knew he was responsible.  In one relatively minor act of vandalism, he rearranged the lights at Times Square to read “Bugs Bunny Wuz Here.”  As his anger escalated, he committed more outrageous acts, painting the Washington Monument like a barber’s pole, shutting off Niagara Falls, selling Manhattan back to the Indians, and filling in the Grand Canyon.  He even sawed Florida off from the rest of the country and watched it drift off toward South America.

Bugs was only able to inflict so much damage because he’s a cartoon character, and anything can happen in a cartoon.  In the real world, an individual just isn’t capable of such a torrent of destruction.  Or is he?

Even Bugs never thought of wiping away our Southern border, as President Obama has done.  Since taking office in 2009, Obama has ceased all raids and audits of companies suspected of employing illegal aliens, shut down nine border patrol stations, ordered the dismissal of deportation proceedings in tens of thousands of cases, sued five states for trying to enforce laws meant to prevent them from being overrun by illegals, and freed more than 36,000 illegals with known criminal histories, hundreds of them including rape and murder.

In addition, Obama has taken a giant step toward his stated goal of bankrupting the coal industry, by having his EPA fraudulently treat carbon dioxide as a pollutant.  As a candidate in 2008, he acknowledged that his plans to curtail coal would cause electricity rates to “necessarily skyrocket,” yet he remains bent on doing it.

But wait, there’s more!  Despite his countless promises to the contrary, Obama has enacted a health care plan that has resulted in the cancelation of about 5 million health insurance policies.  He has increased the national debt by approximately 60 percent, partly because the centerpiece of his economic plan was the deliberate, unnecessary spending of more than 800 billion dollars for its own sake.  His policies have only succeeded in bringing down the official unemployment numbers by shrinking the labor force participation rate to its lowest level in four decades.

He has shelved our missile defense program, and transformed NASA into the Muslim Outreach and Global Warming Propaganda Bureau.  Not all of his schemes are so grandiose, however.  He and his wife have even felt the need to spoil schoolchildren’s lunches.  Seldom has any opportunity to generate chaos escaped his notice.

So what set him off?  We know that nobody told him his pelt was only worth two cents, so where does his motivation come from?  The constituents who comprise his audience haven’t been allowed to know.

Imagine how much more forceful Bugs’ wrath might have become if he’d been the son of Communist parents.  What if the man who mentored Bugs throughout his adolescence was an America-hating Communist poet and essayist?  What if Bugs had freely associated with domestic terrorists who had bombed the Pentagon and the Capitol building in pursuit of global Communism?  What if he had belonged for 20 years to a phony church whose services were Marxist political rallies, led by a hate-spewing preacher who curses America from the pulpit?

In addition, let’s assume that Bugs had spent much of his adult life in the unreal world of academia, where he was “taught” the anti-American sophistry of such unabashed liars as Howard Zinn, Edward Said and Noam Chomsky.  Let’s also stipulate that he believed every word of it, and thus had been brainwashed into a seething hatred of his own country.  Only then could we begin to understand the roots of Bugs’ rampage.

Yet nobody seems to recognize these things about Barack Obama, because the mention of his being indoctrinated into a hateful philosophy is considered out-of-bounds within public discourse.  People are therefore perplexed about why so many terrible things are happening to our country during his presidency.  One would hope that everyone would at least realize it’s not coincidental, any more than Florida just happened to float away as Bugs stood watching from the dock.



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