Posted on January 11, 2017




Choice moments from the Obama presidency


Daniel Clark



Now that Barack Obama’s administration is ending, we are going to see countless segments on cable news shows about his legacy, pretending that there’s a serious debate to be had over whether his presidency was good or bad for America.  There’s no reason to subject yourself to these tiresome interviews with opposing talking heads, spouting mindless remarks like “at the end of the day” at each other.  Instead, we can simply follow Obama’s footsteps throughout his presidency, imagine we’re making all the same choices he’s made, and see how close we come to reproducing his results.  So, when reviewing the following scenarios, first ask yourself what you would do, and then ask, WWOD, or What Would Obama Do?

* Which would you declare to be the greater threat to the United States and its people: (a) Islamic terrorism; or (b) manmade global warming?

* What part of Cuba would you rather preserve in its current state: (a) the Guantanamo Bay detention camp; or (b) the rest of the island?

* Which sentimental token from a foreign head of state would you be more likely to keep: (a) a bust of Winston Churchill, sent as a gift to the United States from our closest and most loyal ally; or (b) a book filled with revisionist anti-American drivel, personally handed to you by the Communist leader of a Latin American nation he has intentionally driven into squalor?

* If you were to identify a particular religion as having “always been a part of America’s story,” would it be (a) Christianity; or (b) Islam?

* What makes you angrier: (a) Islamic terrorists blowing innocent people to tiny bits while spreading an ideology based on hatred, murder and slavery; or (b) Jews building homes?

* Four Americans, including an ambassador, are brutally murdered in an attack on a U.S. consulate in the Middle East.  Whom do you blame: (a) the Islamic terrorists who so obviously committed the act; or (b) an American Christian, whose greatest offense is expressing his political beliefs on YouTube?

* If you were going to tell a group of people that they were the reason you ran for president, would that group of people more likely be: (a) an auditorium filled with military personnel; or (b) the America-hating filthbags from Occupy Wall Street?

* Would you characterize Nidal Hasan’s murder of 13 people at Fort Hood as: (a) a treasonous act of terrorism, which was enabled by political correctness; or (b) an incident of workplace violence?

* Your administration is about to release a report on dangerous extremist groups against which to be vigilant.  Should the most prominent group in this report be: (a) jihadists; or (b) American war veterans?

* Which of these two soldiers would you feel inclined to celebrate: (a) “American Sniper” Chris Kyle; or (b) Bowe Bergdahl, the treasonous spawn of grimy, countercultural weirdos?

* A Central American nation deposes its Communist president when he tries to remain in office beyond his constitutional term limit.  Do you: (a) congratulate that nation for upholding the principle of representative government; or (b) deny aid to that country, and visas to its citizens, while demanding that the tyrant be reinstated?

* Islamic terrorists kidnap and behead a reporter for the reasons that he is American and Jewish.  Would you characterize this as: (a) a cowardly act of war against the Free World; or (b) “one of those moments that captured the world’s imagination”?

* Which effort would you try harder to obstruct; (a) Iran’s determination to develop nuclear weapons; or (b) America’s attempt, along with its allies, to deploy a defensive missile shield?

* You acknowledge during your negotiations with Iran that the agreement you seek would inevitably result in an increase in that nation’s funding of terrorism.  Do you: (a) withdraw immediately; or (b) become all the more determined to see the deal through?

You’ve probably noticed that President Obama selected option (b) in all of these examples, just as consistently as you almost assuredly did not.  Perhaps you’re wondering if this quiz is a fair representation, or if these examples have been cherry-picked to create a falsely negative impression by omission.  There’s an easy way to find out.  Just try looking for examples to the contrary, in which Obama has demonstrated a deep loyalty to the United States, and an appreciation for our allies, and for Western civilization in general.

Such examples shouldn’t be hard to find.  Try looking right under all of those shovel-ready jobs.



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