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Masculine, Tails I Lose: Liberal anti-man double talk (7/30/17)

(D)-plorable: Hillary's hypocritical KKK charge (11/6/16)

Hillary Lies Down: Diminution as electoral stragegy (9/19/16)

Fishy Or Not, Vince Foster's Death Matters (5/31/16)

Put Some ISIS On That: Mrs. Clinton assaults the truth (12/31/15)

Dems' Ex-Machina: Clinton Machine was Bill's alone (9/22/15)

Not Just Cos: Take back William Fulbright's medal, too (7/15/15)

Bubba Takes The Cake: At last, the Clinton Legacy (1/15/12)

HRC-ing Things: Making a mountain out of Hillary (4/14/11)

Worst Mates: Biden's a better bad pick than Hillary (9/16/08)

Coyle Strikes Again: Missile shield skeptic rattles on (4/30/08)

Stars, Stripes and Scoundrels: Dems use flag as fig leaf (3/31/08)

Vacated Memory: Anti-W media forget about Bill (8/15/07)

Tainted And Stained: The Clinton Legacy and HIV (8/26/06)

O'Contraire: Why Jimmy Carter is worse than Bill Clinton (3/28/06)

She Can't Be Serious: Hillary's inane war analysis (2/17/06) 

Bubba's Big Break: Ex-prez demands huge tax giveaway (10/31/05)

Blood-n-Guts Clinton: Confessions of a latent pugilist (12/31/02)

Hillary's Rehnquisition: Dems redefine "judicial activism" (8/10/02)

Boo, Hillary!: Sen. Clinton deserves no sympathy (11/26/01)

Just Typical: Let history remember the Clintons' last days (2/9/01)

Bill & Al's Risky Scheme: You're a waste, says the prez (8/23/00)

Move Over, Al: The old master shows how it's done (5/14/00)

Washing Our Hands of Elian: Lazy minds abet another villain (4/30/00)

Helpless Hillary: A weak campaign by a weak woman (2/19/00)

Bum Worship: How liberals politicize religion (12/18/99)

Bill Clinton's New Year's Resolutions (12/3/99)

Common Criminals: FALN convicts are just plain folks (10/3/99)



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