Posted on December 31, 2015



Put Some ISIS On That

Mrs. Clinton assaults the truth


Daniel Clark



Hillary Clinton’s plan to deploy her husband in her next campaign offensive may undermine her party’s ludicrous charge of a Republican “war on women,” but it is entirely consistent with the Clintons' perpetual war on the truth.  How better to dodge criticism of her lie about Donald Trump being used for ISIS recruiting than to introduce her husband, who infamously feigned ignorance of the meaning of the word “is”?  Now she’s pretending to misunderstand the meaning of this organization called “is-is.”

During the Democratic primary debate in New Hampshire, Mrs. Clinton casually declared that the terror organization is “going to people, showing videos of Donald Trump insulting Islam and Muslims in order to recruit more radical jihadists.”  Even the liberal “fact checkers” could find no substantiation for this claim, but she stands by it, and why not?  She obviously knew it wasn’t true when she said it, so there’s no reason why pointing that out to her should make any difference.

What motivates Islamic terrorists is not tough talk from a quirky presidential candidate; it’s the demonstrated lack of toughness by the current American leadership.  Mrs. Clinton should know this as well as anybody, for it was after President Bill Clinton fled Mogadishu that Osama bin Laden called America a paper tiger, and charged that it lacked the stomach to fight when things got tough.

Hillary’s husband reinforced bin Laden’s point repeatedly.  The 1993 World Trade Center bombing, if executed as planned, would have been far deadlier than 9/11.  The plan was to topple one tower into the other, then for both towers to fall across Manhattan, crushing countless people below.  President Clinton’s response was to warn the rest of us not to overreact.  Through the Khobar Towers bombing, the embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania, and the attempt to sink the USS Cole, Bill Clinton responded tentatively, when at all.  It could hardly be more clear that his reticence in the face of each crisis further emboldened the terrorists.

If “insulting Islam and Muslims” were a driving force behind jihadist recruitment as Hillary supposes, ISIS would now have fewer members than the Milli Vanilli fan club.  In today’s politically correct environment, you could sooner name a football team the Oriental Transvestite Midgets than publicly insult Islam and Muslims.

When a Muslim commits a terrorist act against Americans, the media try to conceal his identity for as long as possible.  The police play dumb about what his motives might have been.  The feds instantly declare him to be a “lone wolf,” and fret over the potential for an anti-Muslim backlash.  By the time everyone’s finished, the narrative has been inverted to portray innocent Muslims being victimized by irrational American hatred.

That’s a narrative with which former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is very familiar.  After President Obama abandoned Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans to be slaughtered by sadistic Islamists in Benghazi, the administration publicly characterized the coordinated assault as the outgrowth of a spontaneous demonstration over an anti-Muslim YouTube video.  Sec. Clinton’s e-mails have recently demonstrated that she and the rest of the administration knew all along that this story was false.

Islamic terrorists waged a deadly assault on an American consulate, and the American president and his top diplomat cravenly sought out an American Christian to blame.  They even found a technicality for which to have this person jailed, all the while boasting that they were punishing him for creating the video, because, as President Obama put it, “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”  To resort to such unscrupulous acts in order to avoid facing up to the real enemy served to validate everything the terrorists profess to believe about America.  If Hillary is so concerned about the sort of behavior that fuels ISIS recruiting, she might want to start there.

Trump’s proposal of a moratorium on allowing Muslims to enter the country may be ill-considered, but it’s not a recruitment tool for Islamic terrorists.  The policy that Hillary supports, on the other hand, that 65,000 Syrian “refugees” should be let into the country with virtually no questions asked, is practically an engraved invitation to jihadists to come and blow us up.

The Democrats’ approach to terrorism is predicated on the assumption that Islamic terrorists are motivated by legitimate grievances against America.  It’s as if they can’t conceive of anyone being as genuinely evil, and totally consumed with hatred and cruelty, as they often accuse their political opponents of being.



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