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The Shinbone: The Frontier of the Free Press


Collins' Coup: Where was this speech a month earlier? (10/22/18)

Kagan Eat It Too: Stare decisis vs. living Constitution (7/12/18)

Liberal Under-Standing: Left needs no relevance in court (2/13/17)

Court Jester: Has Trump fooled conservatives on judges? (12/6/16)

Let Us Litmus: Judicial nominees must be held to standards (2/29/16)

What Would Scalia Say?: No reason Obama shouldn't appoint (2/14/16) 

Bent Amendment: Justice Stevens can't shoot straight (5/15/14)

Bye, Fidelity: Law, shmaw, says Sotomayor (2/13/14)

General Welfare Fraud: Roberts creates a tax loophole (7/4/12)

Extended Terms: Libs stretch the letter of the law (4/16/12)

Unmisrememberizing Dubya: GOP should reclaim GWB (6/26/11)

Vacancy On The Court: Liberals need no credentials (5/31/10)

Megyn A Weak Case: Fox's Kelly defends Ginsburg (5/19/10)

Insidious Incorporation: No need to "extend" gun rights (4/15/10)

Honduran Hypocrisy: Libs oppose court-ordered coup (8/31/09)

Sotomayorphosis: The judge's con job conversion (8/12/09)

Ginsburg Howls: Madam Justice's inhumanity slips (7/15/09)

Miranda V. America: Obama wages Warren terror (6/16/09)

Political Palooka: Obama gags on Gitmo question (6/25/08)

Rudy Goes Judge-Mental: Cross-dressing act is wearing thin (5/13/07)

Obama's Arrogance: Senator cites self, instead of the law (4/11/07)

Breyer's Lyin' Eyes: Justice sees only what he wants to (12/30/06) 

Wrongo, Sandy Baby: Independence is not omnipotence (5/18/06)

Of Bums And Babies: Why Scalia's wrong on Roe (1/24/06)

Dead Precedents: "Living Constitution" yields stillborn rulings (8/8/05) 

Finding Nino: Where Scalia stands on unenumerated rights (3/6/05)

Don't Feed The Judges: No need for a marriage amendment (3/31/04)

The Constitution in Black and White (2/28/04)

The Tangled Web of Roe: Pro-aborts haunted by evasive past (5/30/03)

Cabin of Cards: Santorum's critics should explain themselves (4/30/03)

The Me-First Amendment: Courts remain hooked on feelings (4/17/03)

Hillary's Rehnquisition: Dems redefine "judicial activism" (8/10/02)

A Dopey Decision: 8-0 ruling allows amendment by statute (5/24/01)

Bush Bars the ABA: ...and it is a bar, bar better thing (4/9/01)

May + Shall = Can't: A fuzzy math word problem (12/14/00)

Left on the Bench: Justice again abandoned by Supreme Court (7/18/00)



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