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Label Libby Innocent: Pardon is just, but does Trump know why? (4/23/18)

Assad-Backward: Trump fumbles on Syria and Iraq (4/23/17)

Al-Afari And Away: Ignoring the Saddam-ISIS link (3/22/16)

Hardline To Swallow: Obama's causes are not common to us (8/16/15)

"What We Know Now": Iraq revisionism is not knowledge (5/27/15)

Gone With The WMD: Recalling the fleeting facts about Iraq (11/26/14)

Beck's Penalty Box: Bachmann needn't feel shame (7/27/13)

Buchanan At The Bat: 3 strikes on Iraq, and Pat's out (3/29/13)

MoveOn Ron: Time to stop humoring Rep. Paul (2/20/11)

Total WMD-nial: No amount of evidence is ever enough (12/30/10)

Obama In Orbit: Prez views USA from a distance (10/11/10)

Beyond Presumptuous: Assuming a BP-Lockerbie link (7/18/10)

Nincompassion: Lockerbie snafu weakens the West (7/12/10)

"O" Is No "W": Presidential critics are worlds apart (1/20/10)

Dual-Use Dupes: Forfeiting the WMD debate, again (7/5/09)

Miranda V. America: Obama wages Warren terror (6/16/09)

Uighur The World: Obama proposes to aid terrorists (4/13/09)

A Voter-Caused Disaster: Napolitano omits our enemies (3/24/09)

Well, Egg-Shoes Me!: Presidents, projectiles & the press (1/10/09)

Barack Obama's A Series Of Fortunate Events (8/12/08)

Saddam's Invisible Tape: Another case of WM-nesia (7/26/08)

Smoking Something: War critics are comfortably numb (4/16/08)

Polish Removers: Dem election prospects repel allies (1/16/08)

Beauchamp Mirrors Glass: New Republic, same old story (7/30/07)

Those Damn Eskimos: Let's fight the real enemy (7/12/07)

Reid The Reaper: Dems plan Iraq Awakening's wake (5/30/07)

Chemic Relief: Destroying our WMD should be easy (12/15/06)

California Quagmire: or How to create more squirrels (10/27/06)

In Saddam We Trust: A tyrant's denials are now "proof" (9/11/06)

Kay-O'd On WMD: The chief inspector takes a dive (7/10/06)

Dick Cheney Was Right: Defeatists owe VP an apology (6/26/06)

Who's Who?: Media confuse allies with enemies (5/26/06)

Accomplished Liars: Libs fib about W's Iraq speech (5/9/06)

One Dangerous Feller: Senator wants no secrets (3/2/06)

She Can't Be Serious: Hillary's inane war analysis (2/17/06)

Armoring al-Qaeda: Should U.S. borders shield the enemy? (12/31/05)

Good News Is No News: The daily blackout from Iraq (10/14/05)

Hagel & Jeckel: Chattering anti-war magpies (8/25/05)

Durbin and Durbiner: The senator's rant is nothing new (6/18/05)

Whigging Out: Dems follow defunct parties' paths (2/10/05)

Le Pig And Le Pen: Why Michael Moore doesn't live in France (1/22/05)

Unfriendly Persuasion: Kerry's diplomacy has failed already (9/30/04)

Kerry's Box Of Mystery: Does even he know what's inside? (8/12/04)

What Defines WMD?: Semantics, not weapons, prove elusive (7/31/04)

Connecting Smoke Rings: James Pinkerton huffs and puffs (4/15/04)

The Mother Load: Real news buried under phony scandal (7/30/03)

Awedballs: Iraqi war will produce many losers (4/1/03)

Saddam's Stooges: Human shields know they're siding with evil (2/18/03)

Our Gang: Euro-8 takes a stand with the USA (2/9/03)

Blood-n-Guts Clinton: Confessions of a latent pugilist (12/31/02)

The Plane Truth: Shoe-bomber charge wrongly dismissed (7/12/02)

America's Enemies' List: 70 names you need to remember (6/29/02)

No Defense: Our national priorities are scandalous (10/5/01)

Don't Believe The Hype: The enemy's resolve is overstated (9/17/01)



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