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This Means Wall: Trump defines border, redefines terms (1/30/17)

Not Just Cos: Take back William Fulbright's medal, too (7/15/15) 

Beck To Differ: No, Glenn, liberals were never right on Iraq (7/9/14)

Not So Swift: Libs use U.S. military as a pejorative (6/15/14)

Kerry's Baggage: Why has it gone uninspected (11/30/13)

Beck's Penalty Box: Bachmann needn't feel shame (7/27/13)

Buchanan At The Bat: 3 strikes on Iraq, and Pat's out (3/29/13)

Occupy Pipers: Where tolerating treason has led us (2/16/12)

MoveOn Ron: Time to stop humoring Rep. Paul (2/20/11)

O, Really?: Obama invents an Islamic-American past (8/20/10)

Beyond Presumptuous: Assuming a BP-Lockerbie link (7/18/10)

Nincompassion: Lockerbie snafu weakens the West (7/12/10)

Red Kennedys: Honoring Commies in JFK's name (1/6/10)

A Little Bit Country: The Dems diminish patriotism (10/25/09)

Dual-Use Dupes: Forfeiting the WMD debate, again (7/5/09)

Uighur The World: Obama proposes to aid terrorists (4/13/09)

A Voter-Caused Disaster: Napolitano omits our enemies (3/24/09)

Well, Egg-Shoes Me!: Presidents, projectiles & the press (1/10/09)

Obama Fails Detest: Speech excuses America-haters (7/14/08)

Stars, Stripes and Scoundrels: Dems use flag as fig leaf (3/31/08)

Give Harry Hell: Open season on the unpatriotic (10/15/07)

Reid The Reaper: Dems plan Iraq Awakening's wake (5/30/07)

Chemic Relief: Destroying our WMD should be easy (12/15/06)

Sorry France: We have no room to laugh (12/01/06)

We Just Don't Get It: The elusive humor of treason (11/20/06)

California Quagmire: or How to create more squirrels (10/27/06)

In Saddam We Trust: A tyrant's denials are now "proof" (9/11/06)

Accomplished Liars: Libs fib about W's Iraq speech (5/9/06)

Donkey Kongs: Dems' chest-beating is all noise (4/13/06)

One Dangerous Feller: Senator wants no secrets (3/2/06)

Armoring al-Qaeda: Should U.S. borders shield the enemy? (12/31/05)

Good News Is No News: The daily blackout from Iraq (10/14/05)

Hagel & Jeckel: Chattering anti-war magpies (8/25/05)

Definiphobia: liberals fear the meaning of patriotism (7/4/05)

Durbin and Durbiner: The senator's rant is nothing new (6/18/05)

Serial Bull: Quran story fits template too neatly (5/25/05)

Le Pig And Le Pen: Why Michael Moore doesn't live in France (1/22/05)

 "Dis Iz Wahw!": No more coddling disloyal Democrats (5/15/04)

The Mother Load: Real news buried under phony scandal (7/30/03)

The Plane Truth: Shoe-bomber charge wrongly dismissed (7/12/02)

America's Enemies' List: 70 names you need to remember (6/29/02)

No Defense: Our national priorities are scandalous (10/5/01)



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