Posted on August 18, 2020



No, Mrs. O

Dissenting from your ideology is not racist


Daniel Clark



In the second episode of her new podcast, former first lady Michelle Obama made some interesting observations about race. Well, not observations, really. Demented, delusional, hate-filled mindbarf is more like it, but at a time when liberals are declaring that grammar is racist and math is imperialistic, what's the difference?

With typical liberal self-absorption, Mrs. Obama invited an interviewer, National Public Radio's Michele Norris, to be her guest. That way, Norris could ask her the questions, thereby making the show about herself. When cued by Norris to provide examples of racial disparities that are imposed by this supposedly rotten, unjust country of ours, she first told a preposterous lie about "the fact that a kid, with a small possession of drugs can be sent to prison for most of his life." If America is really so terrible, why must she resort to making stuff up? Alas, the question was not forthcoming.

"We saw it in the fight for the Affordable Care Act," she continued, defining racism as disagreement with one of her husband's policies. "We saw it in just how adamant Mitch McConnell was, and how he treated the first black president." In today's society, there are few accusations more damaging than that of racism. There is nothing in the 35-year career of Senate Majority Leader McConnell to support such a charge. Mrs. Obama leveled it anyway, merely because the senator, belonging to the opposition party, opposed one of President Obama's initiatives. That's all it takes.

Then, in a moment of faux-clairvoyance, she decided to condemn white Americans as a whole. After acknowledging that "there were signs" that "things had changed" following her husband's election, she lamented that, "the people that we worked for, whose floors we cleaned, whose fields of cotton we picked, who we've tried to live next door to and raise our children with, the people we serve on boards with and sit in classrooms and got degrees with, that they still don't see us as human." Of course, Michelle never cleaned anyone's floors or picked anyone's cotton. By "we", she means all the people of her own race throughout history, and by "the people" that "don't see us as human," she means all the people of another race that she casts as the antagonist. Nothing racist about those grotesque generalizations, mind you. No, Mitch McConnell is the one who's racist. He opposed Obamacare, you know.

Several disgusting slanders later, she remarked that she and her husband tried "representing every American, sometimes at the expense of our own community, who felt like we were a little bit too accommodating to people who were not black." Seriously? People were mad that the president accommodated people of other races? Good thing we had a social justice warrior like Mrs. Obama around to set them straight. Right, Michelle? Oh, never mind.

As long as liberals are rejecting the plain meanings of words and equations, it only stands to reason that they now take race and ideology to be synonymous. After decades of cultivating the prejudicial dichotomy of black good,white bad, they've redefined those designations so that black=Marxist and white=American, regardless of the skin color or ethnicity of those being defined. White Antifa brick-throwing domestic terrorists are now black, whereas black policemen are not. Members of the former group are thus allowed to scream racial slurs in the faces of the latter, with the full-throated approval of Mrs. Obama, who in that same interview lyingly gushed about "the peaceful nature of these protests."

If disagreement with her ideology is how she defines racism, then she must take it as a tautological certainty that she cannot possibly be racist herself. Ergo, she presumes to lecture America about racism, while at the same time attributing negative characteristics to all white people. Of course, by white people, what she really means is all people, whatever their race, who disagree with her. This disagreement is what makes them racist, which is what makes her hatred of them anti-racist. Get it?

Mrs. Obama repeatedly stated the need for people to have "hard conversations," by which she meant they should accuse others of racism who have done nothing to earn the accusation. She doesn't want to have hard conversations of her own, mind you. Conversations about rampant left-wing hatred and bigotry are verboten.

The socialist Democrats have torn their political lexicon straight from the pages of 1984. Violence is peace. Crime is justice. Racial hatred is anti-racism. How fitting, then, that they all swear that Mrs. Obama is just lovely.



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