Posted on May 31, 2014



The Worst That Can Happen

Is You, Sec. Kerry


Daniel Clark



Rather than try to inspire the graduates at Boston College, Secretary of State John Kerry used the occasion of his commencement address to proselytize on behalf of the “climate change” doomsday cult.

As reported by The Weekly Standard, the former senator and presidential nominee charged global warming skeptics with “risking nothing less than the future of the entire planet.”  If, on the other hand, he and his fellow alarmists prove to be wrong, he asked “What’s the worst that can happen?”

For starters, we might needlessly retard our production of fossil fuels, based on the naive hope that expensive, inefficient, and technologically problematic sources like wind and solar energy can make up the difference.  Many thousands of honest, hard-working Americans could be put out of work for the benefit of a small number of “renewable energy” con-artists, who devour billions of dollars in taxpayer subsidies with practically nothing to show for it.

Kerry imagines that, by preventing America from exploiting its vast supplies of oil and coal, his party will somehow make us less dependent on foreign energy.  If he really wants to know the worst-case scenario, he ought to consider the likelihood that a reduction of American energy production will render us more dependent on unfriendly foreign nations.

It could also be that rising gasoline and electricity costs will drive up grocery prices, making people reluctant to spend money on basic items like ground beef and orange juice.  Many families would be nudged toward government assistance who otherwise would not be inclined to accept it.

Between the scarcity of jobs and the rising cost of living, the American people could have a great deal of economic harm inflicted on them, for no good reason.  Among the results would be burgeoning welfare rolls, a flatlining GDP, and an unemployment rate that only declines because of the number of people who have given up and left the workforce.

What else can happen, as unlikely as it may sound, is that our president and his secretary of state declare global warming to be our top national security concern.  With such terribly misplaced priorities, the president may find himself unresponsive to a terrorist attack on an American consulate that leaves one of our ambassadors among the dead.  Moreover, this lack of focus might lead him to gullibly support terrorist elements in foreign conflicts like those in Egypt and Syria.  He could also become strangely detached when discussing the supposedly lesser threat of Islamic terrorism, to the point of callously chirping that America can “absorb” another 9-11 attack.

We might encourage yet more megalomaniacal initiatives from the United Nations, such as its repeated efforts to promote the eating of insects in lieu of meat.  Our government might even react credulously when the UN points the finger of blame at “land use change,” which results from private ownership of property.

What’s more, we can scare the pomegranates out of the entire Millennial generation, who have been relentlessly carpet-bombed with global warming fearmongering for their entire lives.  Tens of millions of people who have been raised to believe a “phobia” is an attempt to uphold societal norms will unwittingly fall victim to real phobias, by living in fear of their cars, air conditioners, widescreen TVs and other electronic devices, as well as their eating habits, and even their breath.  The true believers will have to conclude that their very existence is detrimental to The Planet.

Schoolchildren can be turned into an army of finks, whose mission is to harass and shame their parents into compliance.  These innocent kids will suffer immeasurable distress from being thrust into a phony conflict, with their mothers and fathers on one side, and the entire animal kingdom on the other.

Scientists, including meteorologists and college professors, can have their livelihoods threatened for refusing to bow to “the consensus.”  Many times more would be intimidated into silence, or even into professing things they don’t believe.  Ditto that for journalists, whose careers would be jeopardized if they did what they’re supposed to do, by objectively seeking and reporting the truth.

Of course, this would all be contingent on the reins of governmental and institutional power being handed over to the totalitarian Left, which has conveniently tied global warming to nearly all of its favorite causes: from anti-industrialism to wealth redistribution, to population control, to vegetarianism, to the abolition of property rights, to whatever else it can think of.  In other words, Secretary Kerry, the worst that can happen is you.

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