Posted on September 30, 2023



Insanity Vs. Insincerity

Eco-kooks expose the eco-phonies


Daniel Clark



A lot of anger has been directed at environmental activists who have engaged in attention-grabbing craziness, such as splashing soup on priceless works of art, or delaying sporting events by gluing themselves to the floor. Well, it's long past time for us to get a lot angrier at those people who are doing far greater damage on behalf of the green agenda, without even believing their own apocalyptic warnings.

To those who truly believe that human activity has pushed the earth to the brink of destruction, engaging in desperate, high-profile acts of stupidity just to make their message heard is an entirely rational thing to do. It only strikes the rest of us as ridiculous because, for all the lip service people pay to "saving the planet," most people don't really believe that kind of twaddle, least of all the leaders of the movement. When it comes to political hypocrites, even gun control activists and opponents of school choice have got nothing on the greenies.

If those who count themselves among "the scientific consensus" really believed that so benign a substance as carbon dioxide was an imminent threat to the earth, they would not be repeatedly jetting around from all corners of the world to attend climate conferences to harrumph at each other in person, when video conferencing would be no less productive. They would not go on speaking tours of universities, when modern communications technology provides far greater audiences without the travel.

Al Gore would not have sold out his Current TV cable network to "big oil," in the form of Qatari-based Al-Jazeera. The Obamas would not have purchased multiple beachfront properties while at the same time warning that rising ocean levels were about to make them disappear. The Paris Climate Accord would be consistent in its requirements, while demanding immediate and total compliance, instead of relying on each nation's voluntary adherence to ill-defined goals of its own choosing, which means letting leading CO2 emitters China and India off without any commitments whatsoever.

The young lunatics who are running around committing outrageous acts of buffoonery are only doing so because their alarmist leaders have brainwashed them since birth. Their education since elementary school has been saturated with paranoia about climate change, nee global warming, even in math class. This indoctrination has been reinforced by children's TV shows, animated features, and big tech companies that screen out contrary facts and opposing points of view. Nobody told them, for instance, that the percentage of the atmosphere that consists of CO2 is both minuscule and wildly variable. They've been convinced instead that the atmosphere is just bursting with CO2, and that its chemical makeup is in a state of precarious balance that we are tasked with sustaining. They really believe that the earth and all its creatures are living on borrowed time, and why not? Bill Nye, who plays a smart person on TV, has told them so.

Tragic as it would be for a Van Gogh masterpiece to be destroyed by a misguided activist, what the leaders of the movement are doing in pursuit of their Marxist agenda is infinitely worse. They are knowingly causing energy shortages by taking away those sources that are abundant and cost-effective, while promising to replace them with wind and solar power, which we don't even have the technological capability to store until we need them. They are deliberately retarding the world's food supply, by trying to stamp out commercial farming, on the basis that the earth cannot withstand the mass production of livestock. They tell us in all earnestness that we need to make a habit of eating bugs instead. In order to control "land use change," they seek to abolish property rights. What's an inconvenient delay during a basketball game compared to that?

Implementation of these grand schemes cannot possibly be achieved before the doomsday clock expires. If the immediacy of the threat is what they say it is, there isn't time to gather the disparate peoples of the world under a single, totalitarian entity. The true believers see this, but what do they know? Assuaging their fear is not the point, and never has been.

The great threat to humanity is not the warming of the earth, but the remedies that are being prescribed by the UN, the World Economic Forum, and sympathetic leaders of nations. The people whose destructive acts we desperately need to reject and condemn are not the overzealous foot soldiers of the green movement, but the megalomaniacal phonies who command it.



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